Disconnects after every guardian raid

There is an issue where the game disconnects after every Guardian Raid. I disconnect during many cutscenes during abyssal dungeons too. The issue may be tied to the cutscenes as one plays at the end of every guardian raid. due to this issue I have been unable to collect any loot.

The only time I have ever collected souls is if I play with other people and they haven’t quit the instance before I reconnect. This is extremely frustrating and while I know the issue is being looked into, surely there could be something put in place for the time being such as not having to collect the soul so the loot is in my inventory when I reconnect. The amount of loot I’ve missed out on is just depressing.

Literally since launch I’ve only maybe collected 2-3 guardian souls on both EUC and EUW. The worst thing is I still do them because they’re fun and I like trying to beat my previous time score. Loot would be nice.

Hello @Silvestre ! Hope you are doing great today! :mage:

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I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing disconnections while trying to complete dungeons or raids, we surely don’t want this to happen.

May I ask if you have tried any troubleshooting so far? Like Verifying the Game Files, checking drivers, etc?

Thanks in advance for the response! :smiley:

Yes I have tried almost all of them. Re-installed drivers, verified all files and run steam as admin etc. It seems to be a problem for quite a few other players that I have encountered too.

If there are any other steps I could try to possibly fix it please let me know.

They are apparently aware: Disconnects After Guardian Raid - #2 by Standor

Whether or not we will see a fix anytime soon is a different story

Hello again! @Silvestre

Thank you for the swift response here!

In this case I will advise you to contact us trough live chat here: Contact Us | Amazon Games to escalate the issue and see if we can get a solution for your case.

Please explain with further detail your issue and have in hand your DxDiag that can be found following this instructions:

Pulling a DxDiag report:

  1. Go to Windows Start search bar and type dxdiag.
  2. Click on dxdiag.exe.
  3. When green progress bar goes away, select Save All Information and save the file to their desktop.

Hope this can help you out! Take care!