Disconnects - auction house - bots

So guys with last patch u have “donated” us brelshy…tnx a lot.
But there are still a lot of problems:

  • vs bots u have done a sort of limitation to a.h. and that could work maybe but you are asking players to buy a sort of “premium” to avoid this problem. A “premium” that could also be cool but the question is: why should i spent money in a game full of “eac off” and other disconnetcing bugs from months and months? Seems like that u could not fix that (or u want not) and neither bot problems so after months here we are the IDEA: lets players buy a trust status to be disconnected!

Ah yeah that was a list sorry…

  • eac off
  • Wx0tve bla bla error
  • eac off
  • you have been disconnected from the server