Disconnects I have faced :

First two weeks of the issue :
Only Legion raids.
Logged us out to the server selection screen and we were able to select character and reconnect easily.

Third week of the issue after a “fix” :
Started getting disconnected even in guardian raids where after having almost killed the boss we get disconnected and when we return, there is no guardian soul. So we are required to do the raid all over again. Which is atleast better than needing to wait for a ticket.

This time when we get logged out to the server selection screen, when we try to select a character, that throws errors multiple times as well.

I needed to go back to the server selection and re-enter.

Current week :
I chose to do some Argos runs ( busses included. ) which was a very bad idea. Took an hour.
4 bus buyers disconnected. FIrst gate was completed either way but they were not allowed to enter the next phase. They required a ticket.

Two people complained of getting duplicate login errors.

Valtan run gate 1 :
Each and every one of us 8 got disconnected before even x30 bars.

Valtan run gate 2 :
Ghost phase, used thirain, all got disconnected. Had to restart.

Vykas run gate 3 :
3 disconnects. Had to restart several times.

At this point, the main difficulty of this game is to stay connected rather than boss mechs ( atleast for those of us who have had enough experience with bosses and just want to get it over with asap so we can focus on other stuff. ) Though, I think no matter if its reset day or the weekend, this issue might still be the same either way :confused:

#LostArk ? Naah
#LostConnection T_T

From my experience it always disconnects exactly 2 players at a time.
Literally always 2 players idk why that specific number or if it is a coincidence, but it is always 2