Disconnects, infinite loading screens and bugged lobbies

This whole week was full of disconnects, infinite loading screens and lobbies that are bugged and we can’t even leave them and so we have to change character to get into an infinite loading screen that will force us to restart the game. Keep going AGS, you are doing your worst and we know it.


Does not

Have anything to do

With in-game shitty coding problems.

The servers are up, the software on the servers is on fire. When you crash, the servers aren’t crashing, the game is. EAC is failing, in-game code is failing. The game is crashing.

At the very least point your aggression at the proper targets. Be pissed they are using EAC to begin with. Be pissed SG won’t do jack to fix the NA/EU clients, be pissed AGS never responds to anything and is useless.

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Please tell me who I am to blame for these issues so I can answer accordingly.

Edit: If you mean I should blame SG then yeah sure but what has AGS done 2 months now to let them know the game needs fixing? And don’t expect me to believe that SG has been ignoring AGS for 2 months. If AGS wanted the game fixed, it would be fixed. I’m not asking them to fix it themselves but to make the moves needed so it’s eventually fixed. If a burglar breaks into my house and I don’t call the police, they are never going to come. I know pretty well who I’m blaming.

blame both sg and ags cause indeed sg is the developper but look at kr ru and jp lost ark they don’t have any of our problems like bot, random crash, pf broke, infinite loading etc

If SGR keeps every other version running smoothly, what do you think they are doing that is causing problems in this version? Do you truly believe that they are intentionally causing damage here? I don’t.
This version has the most changes made to the client under the guise of “western norms”, changes requested by AGS which are screwing up the client. SGR has at most a 1%blame here for not adjusting the patches/client builds enough to accommodate for AGS’ changes and tbh, I wouldn’t blame SGR for not having a ton of passion to produce content for a company that is altering/censoring it and are utterly unfaithful to the product

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