Disconnects still happening and the pheon incident is not okay

So even after the pheon incident which has people leaving the game and then multiple server maintenances which ran over their time, I still just got disconnected and so did many people around me. It was during the very last seconds of monte island as well meaning that my adventure island rewards for today are none and my entry wasted. Knowing how the devs are handling things right now and understanding that they have their hands full with the pheon incident I am expecting little to no compensation or for it to just be worthless.
In regards to the pheon incident, there is no gift that they can give all players that makes up for it because the issue is in the imbalance that it caused. It would have been better to remove the pheons and leave those that spent them on 0 so that at least fewer people unfairly benefited from it and fewer are unfairly screwed. Ridiculous management

had 1 dc yesterday 0 today and only had 1 other person dc in my groups so i guess its getting better for the most part

Your title about sums up the week, yes.

You’re lucky. It was unplayable last night for my whole guild at least

I logged in, my first guardian of the day I was disconnected. Logged right back out. Hadn’t missed a day since launch.

hm my guild isnt talking about dc anymore so ig it got better for them too

EUC ? or maybe the server ? Or bs ?

I don’t know, but even 1 out of 2 kunges had quick dc’es last night after the maintanance

euc had 1 lancer dc on kunga yesterday, other than that argos vykas valtan went without issue

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