Disconnects/crashes still here

So… 1st thing I see after logging in:

I’m not person who gets angry easy or likes to complain but CAN YOU FIX UR SHITTY SERVERS FOR FUCKS SAKE?
It’s 3rd week of this clownfiesta

Same happened to me, literally 5 min after logging in…

no worries! they’ll release another potential fix soon.

Me too, and had to verify files cuz my ui got bugged. Did 3 chaos and 2 guardians without issue since.

yeah, maybe with brel

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and that’s a huge MAYBE too! so yeah… they have no idea what’s going on and i find that hilarious. but it’s ok they added a skin which is locked behind a $100 that’s more important than fixing a major issue in the servers.

Yes me too on Asta

i hate this game last 2 week 99999x dc until now

wasnt there official statement about potential or dc fix and they been working on the weekends for the fix?

i am sure they didn’t even test the fix before patching it LIVE. lol

when did they ever test anything before releasing it? we literally have server issues with every single patch we get. nothing new here… they test nothing other than looking at what would make them more money.

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