Discord Community, Valtan Weekly, Argos weekly

Since we can que matchmaking Cross-Realm we decided to expand our guild by getting players from other servers.

So what we expect from you if you join is to be intrested in doing content together, anything from 1445 Valtan, 1415 Valtan, argos p3 we can boost eachothers alt through P3 etc.

Our progress is clear 1415 valtan every week since release, We cleared 1445 valtan and are currently in state where it would be superior to have a bigger roster and have multiple runs going every week on Valtan. We also do PVP.

Feel free to join if you find this intresting. We do play on Nineveh but as i said if u play on EU central, and wants a stable team for Valtan and argos clear every week. Also if u just wanna hang out in discord its fine.

My discord is Davyjones#3653

I would like to join, but says “invite invalid”…