Discrepancies between customization screen and in game (images)

Am I the only person that has noticed this or has this already been griped about? From the customization screen vs. what you see in game - there is quite the difference in color. I first noticed this while trying to make blonde hair. It looked on brightness/level of blond when I made it, then in game it’s suddenly almost white.

You can also see this when you look at your character in game vs. in the “MVP” image.

I most recently noticed it when I essentially wasted dye by dying my characters jacket color to match his off set pants. it was a perfect match in the customization screen but as soon as I’m in the game the color is off…

Customization Screen:
Sharpshooter 1
In Game:

There are both very annoying/inconvenient. They both cost a currency in game or $. It wouldn’t be a big deal otherwise you could adjust it until it’s perfect in game, but that is of course not that case.

It’s an issue of lighting conditions differing I’m 90% sure.

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I was thinking something like that or the “shine” factor/setting. If it was just lighting I would think the pants and chest would just both be equally/proportionally lighter colored together. But they’re the same color in the first picture and different in the second :man_shrugging:

Ya got me, I’m as confused as you are on this.

I noticed this as well with some colors. Could be shine, but who knows with it. lol