Discussion about pheon

do you agree with pheon?
is pheon necessary for the game?
how about the price?

I want devs to use this post as data about how many players happy about the pheon system

It’s not the best system but it’s a good catalyst to keep the gold exchange active and relevant.

an excellent system to make you pay for your build in € and gold at the same time, I’ve never seen that on a game. but also a way to prevent the purchase / resale that could make a smart f2p as rich as a whale,

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What do you mean? You can buy pheons with gold.

True just trade it to blue crystal there you have it

With our current gold income pheons feel rough.

Anyone going for 5x3 needs 125 pheons for jewerly and 15 pheons for each relic stone they try to cut to a 7 7

BiS accesories are +30k gold each
Legendary books are around +4k to 7k gold each


I agree with you if pheon is mandatory at least make it cheaper. I mean I have a decent company the amount of tax I pay every year is way too cheaper than pheon lol

Pheon system is shity … At least remove pheon from Ability Stone because it’s only money burner nothing else.

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Heya @ramin.green, thank you for this discussion. I appreciate everyone’s feedback. I will send this thread to the Development team for review!

Looking forward to additional comments regarding the Pheon system. :slightly_smiling_face:


It basically kills my progress at the moment. I tried getting a good ability stone this week (best I could get is 7/6/1),so I basically used up most of them pheons. Due to RMT blue crystals are around 900g/95crystals so I wanna wait until that goes down a little. In the meantime I want to push and equip my alts or get better relics for my main. But I don’t feel like doing that because I would need to buy a lot of pheons first. I hate it…

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I feel pheons are fixed to kr gold inflation but in the west we have the same gold sinks as them without the gold sources they had so pheons might be a little over priced when we need 125 for accesories and 15 pheons for each stone.

Some of us didn’t get the moake ominum star so we keep doing moake and we FOMO the gear quality so we en up buying the chaos thingies to upgrade with gold + use the 800 gold it cost to upgrade instead of just getting those through thunder wings.

If you use all your gold to get pheons on a week reset you might feel you didn’t progress at all which is a little frustrating.

The pheons crystal price could use some review from the dev team

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