Dismantle by combat stat bugged

As stated in the title the new setting to filter accessories by combat stat and auto-dismantle them upon gained when drop is not currently working. If accessoires are marked under “auto-dismantle item when acquired” all accessories will be dismantle regardless of the combat stats selected. On the contrary if accessories are left unchecked under “auto-dismantle item when acquired” the filter won’t kick in, filling your inventory with undesirable loot.


has this been fixed yet? I tried to get this to work before but had the same issue as above, its so annoying having to still go through accessories to get rid of trash stats

It’s definitely something I’ve reported to the team. There’s been a few reports of confusion or even a bug relating to the auto-dismantle system.

As how I understand it:

  • If you set your auto-dismantle rank to T3 relic and below.
    All relics and below will be dismantled regardless of if you checked the combat stat filter or not.

  • If you set your auto-dismantle rank to T3 legendaries and below.
    All legendaries will be dismantled regardless of stats. if you checked the combat stat filter, relic one with correct stats will be retained.

So the combat stat filter will dismantle everything that is not in the settings. and rank auto dismantle dismantles everything that is legendary and below or how you set it to be.

The system have been working like this for me, did I miss anything?

To me it appears that rank auto-dismantle is stopped by the engraving filter at the bottom.
Let’s say I got auto-dismantle tier 3 below 80 quality, then a ring with grudge and 30 quality will stay untouched. Not sure about stats + engraving

cool, I haven’t tried the engraving filter, will give it a try

Well I believe that it is still bugged tho. We all know that Endurance, Expertise and Domination are very rarely used, basically just in PvP and even there it is very rare over Spec, Swift and Crit.

Therefore I would still expect that rule to dismantle items based on Combat Stat will go as main rule. What could devs do, is allow us setup autodismantle settings in few groups, and then give them priority. So for example if you set that you want dismantle Endurance, Expertise and Domination and you will put it as 1st priority rule, it will always dismantle such items no matter what Quality, Tier or Engravings they got. If you would put above it for example Tier and set there that only Legendary T3 and below is dismantled, then would Relic items with Endurance, Experties and Domination stay in inventory, but Legendary and lower would be dismantled automatically. That would basically give us full control. I know it is a bit more complex, but how is currently this Combat Stats dismantle setup, it is useless and generates plenty of manual work, because even with good engravings, if you have bad combat stat, items are in general worthless.

PS: Sorry for reincarnation of post, but as it is ingame, it is still not working very well.