Dismantle now includes pet inventory as well?

Who asked for this? I used to keep stuff I might potentially need in there, now it all gets included whenever I press legendary button on dismantle window… Can we at least have an option to leave them out?

(I don’t want to lock those accs because I might decide to sell them etc)

Dismantle setting should be helpful in this case.

Yeah i ran into that same problem, didnt know that pet inventory was included as of today. Lost all the potential gear and stones I wanted to either use or sell. I just auto-piloted as usual thinking only my main inventory was being dismantled when i clicked Epic and Legendary buttons to dismantle. I’ll miss you +3 grudge/ +3 cursed doll necklace…

guess what even from the storage

Doesn’t seem to cover storage for me, guess I’ll use that to store my spare stuff for now.