Dismantle window going away quickly

When I dismantled items in the past a window would show up and show me exactly how many items I got form the dismantle. When I do it now the dismantle window goes away really quickly and I am unable to see what Items I got back. This has started around since the Valtan release I believe.

Since valtan yes, that is how it works now

that seems more like a bug rather than how its supposed to work. If the window was removed entirely then that would make more sense.

Doesnt seem like a bug to me, i strongly prefer it this way, maybe there is a setting for it, i havent checked, but it was very annoying to have to click it everytime, especially since if you didnt click it but closed your inventory, you would have to reclick the dismantle button to then have to click okay again to actually get the items

It was in the QoL update, you have a button to preview dismantled items.

Which doesnt show you the amount you get, just which types of items, so technically not the same, but i think its also not necessary to see that and i prefer the faster button over that easily

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Implementation seems to have been use the original system where the results pop up on screen, but automatically ‘loot all’ right away.

That results in the weird situation that the loot window pops up for a fraction of a second before disappearing.

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