Dismantling ability stones bug

i’ve dismantled maybe 20 ability stones now in the past 2 days not a single Powder of mystery ( item used for trading in dismantled ability stones for new ones at the facet NPC ). did the tutorial it was working and now just bunch of broken equipment powder and what not.

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Is anyone still experiencing this bug?

I have a tab of stones I’ve held off on dismantling ever since I heard of this one.

If I am not wrong, only tier 1 Epic stone onwards u get the powder. If it’s the blue one , u only get junk after dismantling.

idk about that but i have a blue ability stone on my alts that i cant sell/dismantle or throw away :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the one that u get after Vern knowledge transfer right?

Just sell it to NPC like potion merchant. I had it with me for the longest time until a guildie told me about it after my complain. Lol