Dismantling items only gives honor shards now?

I just dismantled all the relic accessories i got from 4x deskaluda soul harvests and 20x argos blood and all i got was honor shards? Has this happened to anybody else? Idk what exactly i was supposed to get from dismantling relic accessories but argos blood used to give us great honor leapstones. I’m 1427 ilvl in case it matters.



This is happening to me since today as well for all T3 gear and acessory dismantling, I am ilevel 1374, I did not see this mentioned in the patch note.

ran a chaos dungeon to test and dismantled everything and got nothing, shows only honor shards in the system window

It isnt appearing in the chat, but the stones are added to the bag (at least for me) Maybe we could add it to the bug sub forum for they to look it up.

you should look at your stack of stones and see if it changes when you dismatle, it probably does. I thought this too when dismatling abyssal mats, but I was getting leapstones it just did not show in chat.

It’s a display bug I think.

When you dismantle accessories etc I think it flashes for a second then closes. This is because its an upgrade to the old system where you had to manually accept the shit you dismantled.

Now it just instantly gives you them so maybe only honor shards are registered as new since they are not in inventory.

Can confirm I’m getting materials from dismantling T3 gear as well as Oreha’s Empyrean. Haven’t tested Argos blood yet. You just can’t tell unless you look at your inventory.

Same problem here, Didn’t recive chest from argos, gold wasted :frowning: only honor shards
Server: Aldebaran.

I doubled checked and yes, you are right, it is only a display bug in the chat, stones are stacking in the inventory !
Thanks for the replies !

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