Diversity in future class design

Lost Ark has a lot of builder/spender type classes. Build resource, spend resource. I like some of them quite a bit, but I’m hopeful that future classes bring some diversity in what they offer. We currently have 3 transformation classes (Shadowhunter, Machinist, and Artillerist) and three stance dancers (Glaivier, Gunslinger/Deadeye). Gender unlocks are basically the same design concept, so really it’s like having 2 stance dancers.

What other class concepts would you like to see? Do you want more transforms, or more stance dancers? Something new? I was disappointed that Aeromancer is visually impressive, but mechanically just another builder/spender. I’d hoped for a weather stance dancer.

I suspect we have another assassin and two more specialists on the horizon, so there is space for some really interesting concepts.

All classes have a builder spender if you think about it broadly. It’s like a reward for the player once they built up something you get to press this button to either power up or swap or choosing to let your teammates die because I wanted to 3 bubble buff dmg (kekw) etc. Including the ones you have mentioned. All transformation classes have to build up a gauge then pop their transformation to spend said gauge.

I love non traditional weapon types. I’m kinda bored of sword and shields or staffs etc. So the diversity I’m looking for is in weapons. Hearing painter (brush) and aero (umbrella sword) have less common weapons gets me excited. I wanna see more. Gimme a Kusari-fundo (a chain type weapon)!!

I agree that transform is technically a builder/spender. The difference being you go into an entirely different state with new skills vs a singular skill or action. Gunslinger/Deadeye are very different to this as you have a permanent state of access to a variety of skills. I find them to be a very unique concept because of that and I’d like to see another like them. Glaivier is kind of a hybrid builder/stance.

I definitely want more unconventional weapons! I think the specialist class is the “miscellaneous” concept where anything not fitting a traditional archetype can be used.

True that gunslingers and deadeyes are an exception to that. If anything most classes also have a version to them that removes the builder/spender play styles. Like control glaivier or mayhem zerker. Would be fun tho if a third class engraving was implemented for even more varied play styles for all classes

If I could have designed the system, I would have done 3 engravings and no gender locking. Let people play who they want from the get go and offer lots of variety through the engravings.

Unfortunately, we are in the state we have. I really don’t like how builds like control glaivier just delete the class mechanic for the sake of variety. I hope any future classes have more interesting engraving decisions.

What you call diversity is different spender.

And to answer you, yes, it’s coming.

Reaper “spender” is a stealth (Moon => you do a big crit just after) (Thirst => You never use it)
Summoner “spender” is in fact 5 differents things, they are summons (don’t know it well)

Artist is the same as other, you have 3 orbs, and you use them when they are full
Aeromancer is an area of damage boost (like paly)

I’m aware of the remaining classes. They’re all the same base spender concept. What I’d like is for Smilegate to buck the trend a little. Get creative.

Stance dancing is underrepresented. There’s also other avenues they could take. Puppeteer/pet with more active pet controls, class mechanics that change depending on what skills you bring, maybe new takes on combo mechanics other than arcana. There’s space to explore here.

everything depends on kr, if they like this style then there is rly nothing we can do about, we are just customers when they are the main audience
and judging by the new classes it seems they are fine with it
i think before new systems we need proper class balance both individually and same class different spec wise
top classes needs to be taken down or bottom classes need to be bumped up to the same lvl
there are specs that are legit useless and just a meme