Do alts get headgear skin after prologue?

Trying to get clarification on the following. If you don’t skip the prologue on an alt, do you get a headgear skin, such as the goggles for the warrior?

I got the goggles initially with my Paladin, but getting to Prideholme with my Sharpshooter hasn’t yielded a similar item after completing the prologue. Is this supposed to be the case?

the prologue glasses are only once per roster (it says so in extremely tiny characters under the glasses’s icon when you click “skip prologue”). You can pass them between your characters but you can use them only on classes of the same type (e.g.: berserker and gunlancer)

Thank you for clarifying! Is there any real benefit to doing the prologue on alts then? By skipping it, what would I miss?

Maybe some like, ok beginner gear and a bit of silver, but it’s nothing drastic.

you don’t really miss anything, doing it once is enough.
the only possible reason you might want to do it on another character is if you don’t feel you want to punch Kharmine’s face in with enough fury

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got this skin on my first char,but destroyed it…didnt know it was a skin or was too fast at the beginning…
is there any way to get this item back or again ??
(sry for my bad english)

Your English is fine. We don’t have it yet, but the “Skin Dyeing” NPC also crafts skins like the one you accidentally destroyed.

On RU/JP versions you could craft it as long as you had materials :slight_smile: