Do I get gift with Terpeion of Shadow mount after switching to EU West server?

I switched to EU West server and was wondering do I get gift that contains Terpeion of Shadow mount? When I was playing on EU Central server I did receive it and opened it, but I think I saw official post mentioning that you get one if you switch to EU West as well. I’ve been logged on on the specified times, but haven’t received it :confused:

If you already opened it then no, you won’t receive another.

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Let me go cry in the pillow real quick

These kind of things are why the EU west servers are just too little too late.
We had all already opened twitch primes, founders packs and spent our royal crystals. I’m not sure what AGS expected tbh.


In regards to the initial question, when I first logged-in in the beta, perhaps 30~ hours before the official release I couldn’t get in in time due to large queues, so I gave it a few more days until Western Europe servers have been released. However I still haven’t received the Terpeion of Shadow mount. After opening a ticket it was confirmed that indeed I have not received the mount and was advised to leave a comment here explaining the situation.