Do i really lose abyss entry cause of quiters

im doing airas oculas and after 3 runs they all disconnect and i lose my entry count becuase they cant stop dying???is there anyway i can get it back?

You shouldn’t lose your entry count until you’ve actually completed the dungeon

what does it mean when the abyss says weekly entry count exceeded then?

Did you happen to disconnect while in there?

i was in there then 3 of my team left then i tried to leave and my game just closed then i load back in then get disconnected again.

Yeah apparently there’s some issues going on with the servers right now, people who were doing daily and weekly timed content are losing their uses. I think most if not all of us are getting dced right now

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thats really shitty my first t3 abyss i get hurt cause of server thanks for the response though!

same thing happened to me yesterday, from what im gathering is that its something with changing instances or when other change instances.

wiped during abyss and game crashed while reloading, then today running a guardian and 3 ppl died (not me xD) but one rage quit and I got disconnected

I got the same problem with abyss wipes, it just DC me during resurrection. Very frustrating and its hard to progress.