Do I really need to redo story quest on all my alts?

There must be a way to bypass the story quest on alts. Each story line takes me about 4 hours to do each. I have 5 alts. There are 4 story questlines to complete by the time my alts can do end game content. I don’t want to do the same 4 storylines for 5 damn alts! That’s 80 hours of doing story missions I’ve already done. I won’t even go into the upgrade materials need.

I see people with a main character and 5 alts all over 1300. So… what’s the secret to bypass these story missions.

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Knowledge transfer in your stronghold

At the stronghold, bottom left section, there’s a knowledge transfer machine. Has limits, but still lets you skip a lot.

Ah. I’ll look into it. I knew people were bypassing redoing story quest.

You can only boost one after vern though.
After that your next alt needs to complete the story manually again.

So for every boost you need to level one alt manually

You’ve got knowledge transfer as well as the 2 powerpasses the game gives you.

you get 2 powerpasses when you reach 50 on your main. you can also get through the story up to at least mokoko in only 3-5 hours if you speed click and skip side quests. if youve been leveling your stronghold, you can speed characters up to the same level as your main as well but you dont get the awesome quest rewards

Shushire, Rohendel, and technically Feiton can be skipped assuming you don’t want the chaos/abyssal unlocks.

There is no secret you need to manually play through the story every time you want to knowledge transfer, so essentially if you have 6 alts, at least 2 of them will have had to do the story without knowledge skipping. You also need to be the minimumilvl to advance to transfer, so even if you skip the 2-4 hours you spend doing the quest you will end up spending days week+ whatever your pacing is doing the same content.

The people you see with multiple alts in T3 had no secret, they literately endured all of that grind and many of them knowledge transferred sparingly tbh. It’s not much of a benefit as you still get roster exp from doing the story all over again as well as all of the materials. (Not to include islands of course)

This is not a option without Gold.

What?? You mean I can stay in Vern and go to Yorn directly?

Time can be a factor but I actually do them on purpose. They give good roster boost.
I’m Roster lvl 95 with 4 alts. 4th is about to do Feilton which is another 2-3 lvls.

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it’s worth noting for the long term that in addition to the mats those story quests dole out they also give out tons of roster xp that is not included in power-passes and knowledge transfers. That’s a lot of stat power you’ll have to make-up in other ways.

edit: I see the points been covered, but it’s not an unimportant detail.

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