Do not cater to the casuals

I’m sorry but none of the fights have been a wall for me or my entire guild of 30+ people. I understand that the fights you have chosen to nerf have mechanics that people are NOT dealing with.

That’s not difficulty, that’s player error.

You are going to nerf fights because people complained that they are unable to do mechanics in a game about mechanics? What about the people who cleared it before the nerf? You are going to take away their accomplishments and give it to lesser people who don’t deserve it in the first place if they cant do 2 mechanics per boss?

DO NOT HOLD HANDS. NA will CRY and CRY and CRY about how hard a game is in EVERY game. These kids were raised by karens and want everything handed to them easily.

You giving in this early for boss fights that are new and you have kids going in there dying instantly because they dont want to learn the fight, then come to the forums and say its too hard. This is exactly what you have here, spoiled kids.

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NA Cries can be the loudest in the world but I swear it does not represent us all!!! Please dont cater to casuals!

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