Do not change summoner

Hi, if u guys put in new summons, whatever. But other than that pls do not change summoner. Let us play her as is than maybe in the future we go from there. Alot of people are complaining about her playstyle, well alot of us haven’t even tried her yet.

Should we tell him, or…


Summoner is not at release, and when she comes it will be with the all the KR updates she already had. Like it or not. Ask SGR to remove the rework they made on her, not AGS, they only deliver updates.

Yes I know she is not in release but since they removed her I’m hoping they don’t do many changes to her. The kr rework is fine but nothing more than that is what I’m hoping for.

I am sure SGR does not let anyone touch their classes. All balance changes will come straight from Korea, so little use complaining about those here imo (if anyone has a complaint that is).

I really hope so:….

Amazon may make suggestions based on knowing western culture better than Korea. But ultimately all design changes are Korea (SGR) Amazon only publishes the game (brings it to the west, hosts hardware, and promotion of the game in exchange for percentage of revenue) but no creative decision making fortunately.

Ok ok that sounds good. Hopefully summoner will eb the first class after launch. :face_with_monocle:

Summon OCE server with a summoner :wink: