Do not craft a relic fishing tool, massive waste of gold

Restoring the max durability on relic tools costs 5 kits per 1 point of maximum durability

Using current prices on EUC, 1 repair kit costs around ~9.4g in materials

Therefore, 1 point of maximum durability costs 47g to repair

I just emptied around 9500 lifeskill energy, and lost 6 max durability (i.e. lost 282g in durability), and got around 350g worth in materials

With the cost of repair factored in - that’s a whopping 68g from 9500 life energy which is unbelievably bad compared to something like excavating

Don’t be an idiot like me and waste thousands of gold on a relic fishing tool, it’s not worth it

I have no idea who’s idea it was to have the durability repairs be this expensive, but it essentially makes a relic fishing tool pointless

With the enormous cost of repair, you’d make more money just using a blue or purple rod and re-crafting when it breaks completely instead of repairing a better one

Just to put that in perspective, that means it would take approximately 243 days without wasting any life energy just to pay back the cost of making the tool lmao