DO NOT nerf Abyssal Dungeons

Regarding the T1 and T2 content nerf.

Please DO NOT nerf the Abyssal Dungeons. They need a 3-5 minute video explaining the mechanics and 2-3 wipes on a boss should be more than enough for the group to finish him off and progress. Making such content easier will be bad for players on later stages when they reach T3.

Regarding the Guardian Raid nerf. I’m all for it. It’s pretty slow considering this is a daily activity that needs to be done on every single character (if you have alts). Reverting the 50% HP buffs on them will make it more like a daily activity instead of a 20-25min per character daily kills.


You obviously don’t see what the majority of players see… toxic “try hards” that meltdown if one person makes a mistake on their first run through… That happens a lot more than it doesn’t happen

The guardian nerf just brings it in line with the other regions… and counters the beta tweak when t1 was going to be endgame …

Exactly this, the 1st time anyone dies they spam vote quit and all bully whoever died, its fkng toxic and needs to go NOW.

Abyssal Dungeons are meant to be the hardest content to do right now. There are still chaos dungeons to do, guardian raids, events etc. Abyssal Dungeons should feel rewarding after you’re done with it. If you keep making mistakes constantly, go rewatch a video, disable seeing others spell for better vision etc. But please for God’s sake stop crying on the forums for nerfs.

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another threat mentioned taht the hp buff were a false information from a streamer

That is starting to look likely (some guy even tested it…but he did it solo and maybe more ppl in party add different HP pool multiplier).

But it’s not relevant because we have 30% of T3 imgame with ppl rushing and powerpassed noobs from day 3 after they only did main quest bEcAusE lVlinG iS BoRiNg who don’t understand their class because they didn’t read each skill as they leveled up (I can confirm, even I powerpassed 2 chars and just copied a build and I still didn’t look into other skills).

If they didn’t launch it this way (and with gold inflating gold and mats prices even more) it would be ok maybe to have “default” guardian HP for a while (even if West is more casual). As it is…those “catch up” HP nerfs (or even the crappy 2 man gurdians with half the life mode from RU (was it?)) is not unreasonable for daily grindable content that only 10% ppl seem to be clearing when you are supposed to do it on 3 + alts to funnel mats into your main which is already miles behind on gold income because of T3 and rushers and pay2progressers and bots.

But abyss dungeons were fine. Just needed clearer ingame instructions.