Do People like Destroyers?

I created Destroyer on release of this class, and i was very worried, that opinion about this class will be similar to glaivier, first few weeks with glaivier and powerpass release, newbie glaiviers flooded every Guardian/oreha lobby, and people were mad at them, they had no engravings, bad stats and ruined class opinion. But to my surprise its easier to join to valtan/vykas lobby with my Destroyer, than it was on my sorc. People will often take me, even if i have lower ILVL than rest of party. I think it might be because of Destroyer memes. What are your opinions about Destroyers?

Just as long as its not a Reflux Sorceress, i like every class.
Is what Datmodz would say. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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play what you like who cares about others every class is viable


just don’t kiss floor so fervently…

Its a good PvP class for pve is really average.

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I love my Destroyer. I have mained him since he released, such a fun class and playstyle. I have leveled two more destroyers (no more KTs or power passes…) and I plan to level one more, then use the upcoming punika pass and express event on two more destroyers!

I fail a lot with my alt, but jesus, when he hits, its a lot of fun.

I like him as an alt very much. Sitting at 1370, cant wait to push him to Valtan eventually.

I always like to have a strong destroyer in my raid. Things feel safer with him in plus he can carry easily

Part of why destroyers are having a better reception than glaviers is:

  • Glavier released with a powerpass, leading people to jump directly into the endgame very easily. People who didn’t know how to play the class well were spoiling the people’s perception of glavier players as a whole. Many people, including me, expected Destroyer to come with its own powerpass, so when they had to create one, they ended up learning the class and making a decision on the gameplay before t3. (People who played the class in t3 often were sure they liked the class imo)
  • Another issue with the powerpass; people were not sure if they liked the class enough to commit to it as a main or serious alt. By the time they decided, they were in mid/late t3, all the while learning the class (i.e. making mistakes) in earlier on in t3.

It’s a great class, but takes a while to get going and you need to learn the fights in order to utilize it effectively.

I’m going to be making one with Punika pass, I just cba getting another alt up to speed all the way from T1.

Yes I really like it. Going to be my second major. And there are a lot of people who play it. You’ll see it more in Tire 2

No Powerpass and no express given at the relase of it naturally makes it so the only Destroyers around at higher ilvl have either been saving loads of mats for it, or played through T1, T2, and T3 naturally, becoming more accustumed to the class. So at worst the people who play destroyer will just be as bad as the people playing other classes, but not really worse.

That being said, I’ve found as long as you have proper engravings and proper stats with a reasonable roster level it’s relatively easy to get into a lobby as any class or role. 4x3+1 is so cheap to build at 1415 if you slot both class engravings into your book slots that I’m surprised more aren’t doing that.

Even tho Iam not a fan of melee classes I absolutely enjoy playing Destroyer. The class is simple to play but very effective and robust.

I had a 1400 sorc a wekk before valtan/destro released.
I decided to push my sorc to 1415 to do valtan day1 and use “the rest” for the destroyer.

That was a huge mistake cose it consumed all the mats I saved for destroyer and I had really bad luck with his honings.

I knew from the start that I wanted to main SDestro so I kept feiton power pass in case the fk us in the a and not give one for destro (One of the few thing I did well :p)

Now my desto sits at 1465 5x3 perfect stats on relic accessories and books 12/12 (that cost me a kidney but well…)

Here’s my feeling about the class:
PVP: Good, funnyt to play, can f**k DB and that’s good, in general mid to high tier but not OP, good enough for me.

PVE: YOU ARE A MONSTER, I’m clearly undergeared compared to my guildmates and my weapon honing sucks monkey ballz so it’s +16 only and Yet i’m ALWAYS in the top 4 in raid. Why? Because I can ignore most of the mechs with my shield and just stomp the boss through everything (+ it hits like a truck). It’s fun, clunky and hits hard, that’s my gameplay and I love it :).

People also tend to take destro that pushed because as mentionned by others a high destro right now is someone that committed a lot on it. In ddition we do excellent stagger and destro so… what else? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love destroyer. Trying to push it as my main until summoner. And i love having them in groups

I love my little Sirbonks! He’s currently 1370, going full specialization/Gravity. May not be the meta for raiding, But your Z ability slaps. Huge shields with fast uptime. Very difficult to die.

Also your awakening does absurd amounts of damage if you crit, even at 1370. 10-15mill. Possibly higher with support buffs.

Is so fun to play i do so much damage

yeah got rage hammer at 1460 but im thinking about doing second one for gravity training with upcomming punika pass + event. Should be easily able to do 1415 with him.

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they are easily the most satisfying class to play for me. Chaos dungeons are hillariously fun and hitting perfect hits might be up there with hitting Doomsday crits.

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I have a destroyer alt near 1400 and yes, it’s a true gigachad class!!!

The fact that you can trade hits while being immune to knockbacks from tenacity tripod + shield is absolutely satisfying experience. It’s very fun! Nothing can hold you down except 1 shot death mechanics. :joy: