Do something about botting/rmt issue NOW

Look at this, does this look normal to you? How do you expect any player that plays this game normally to continue supporting this game. A full roster that is clown ready can make around 100k gold by doing weeklies raids. Along with cutting stone and buying accessories it will cost over 500k gold at least to upgrade your character. That is just ridiculous to think it takes even endgame players more than a month to get ONE character up to 5x3. It will probably take double that time for a new/casual player to get one character up. It’s no wonder people decide to risk RMTing when prices are this high. My feedback for this issue is too make it so that clown raid only drops class engraving books. We need more in the market to make these prices go down. having temporary shops that give 1/2 of each class engravings is not enough to stop this issue in the long run OR figure out the botting/rmting. These bots and rmters will be the death of this game in the west.

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It’s designed to get new players like you to swipe your credit card, get it? ;))

This game is time gated, thus inducing FOMO on people. For players who have invested heavily into this game, it’s hard to quit. It’s sorta like a drug. For new players, you want to be able to fit in and run with the pack, so the only way is to 1. play like mad and have no life and soul, 2. cheat, 3. swipe your credit card.

This game could have been amazing MMROPG. But due to the design of the creators’ greed, it’s pretty bad. I would not recommend this to my new friends who are looking for a new MMORPG.


If they were greedy they wouldn’t be giving away their potential profits to third party rmt sites :rofl:



im not sure, why do new players need legendary books at the moment? You can literally run all content with 4x3. (yes even clown on item level works 4x3).

These books are ment to take a while to get. Players keep forgetting that this is an mmorpg (of a kind). Even with your Math you said, you make 100k a week, means you need only 5 weeks to finish up 1 char completly. If we take this further, you can only get money from 6. 5x6 = 30. Its a bit over half a year to equib them all. (this doesnt include, that if you buy legendary books well, that you can reuse them for other chracters). 6 Months in an MMO is not a long time…

I, too, wish that there would be more ways to get the class lengedary class engravings. But its not like they are unreachable.

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You are looking for endgame results that many players had swiped many times or got lucky with rng. Take your time, go at your own pace, dont chase gigawhales cause you will never catch up unless money is nothing to you. RMT/bots/hacks/cheatin has been around since the first mmo ever came out, before you was born. You are asking for a permanent fix when there’s no solution as to how.

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They’re doing their best to solve this problem without breaking the game and they’ve been doing so for months. It’s not as easy as it looks.

Also, it’s very much possible to progress at a very reasonable rate in the game without paying at all. But OFC people who pay or no-life the game will be ahead of those who don’t, and that’s pretty normal for any MMO out there. In most of which the gap is far larger between those players.

Just have fun with the game, don’t FOMO.

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They already broke the game. allowing bots to exist and make gold means they break the game. Everything is expensive. Late starters hit a wall hard and at the same time they have to swipe or cheat. so they need to buy gold from 3rd party sites to move forward. Then they will be punished? why why?

Yea it’s normal and I like it. People get so much gold each week now and everybody needs engravings right now. Ofcourse they get expensive, there are too few offers compared to the demand. Sure for new players it’s hard but new players do not need them yet. Getting 4x3 engravings is quite easy doable without legendary engravings.

Nah you only hit a wall of you think you need to rush things…

RMT is breaking the game. Good thing some of the cheaters are banned.

You must know. Buying 600k and getting banned for 6 month and still on the forum.

Nice that they did not listen to you to reduce the ban.

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since what i bought was a one time things i had no effect on disrupting the game economy. especially compared to those who cheated more than once. in my opinion they are wrong about not listening and no reducing the duration of my sentence i still have not done such a bad offense for me to get 6 months… finally you rejoice tha tpeople like me are banned pausing the game wont fix the game even if im not another are still rmt the recovery of the economy is not received by my ban. one goes the other comes bad is bad the game will not improve unless all players are banned these topics will always be opened

“FOMO made me do it. It was not my fault”

100k = 1 month seems fair to me.

you rejoice in vain if the economy had been restored with my ban i could have justifed your joy but unfortuanetly nothing changes there are still people who do rmt around even if they are banned the economy will not improve accept this fact everything always be expensive with brelsehaza it will get even more expensive. 1 months for 100k months is not fair to me:)

its the result of inflated illegal gold. the prices will grow more and more. there will be no stop. there is just to much botted gold in tthe game and sg doesnt change it.

its gg pretty soon.

It’s been gg for months

Leave. wtf is anyone still doing ober here?

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not sure if you’re trolling or you’re a huge shill.
the rmt/hack/bots are worse than any other mmorpg for sure.

Im trolling at the before born part but you get what im saying :rofl: and nah this is not the worst i have seen in any other mmo lmao

then you managed to find one mmorpg worst than LA , dunno which one it is cuz it doesn’t seem possible to manage more than 1M bots.

Lets say it is enough to cost the economy to go downhill. This game i use to play long time ago a one piece like Relic piece for example can cost you as much as a car. Yea thats how bad botting was that everyone rmt.

It’s a problem they’re dealing with. That’s how problems work. If you have a problem, it’s not that you wanted to have it.