Do something about EUW already

For the love of anything how hard it must be to develop a region transfer, no one freaking cares about the names i will gladly be up to change my name but actually get to play the game.

Just make an euw account and look at how bad the region is, its absurd to me that the region keeps getting worse and worse and you still not trying to fix this situation (that you created btw)…

I fucking hate the day i decided to swap to this region… biggest regret in my life


I work exactly in these things (backend development for multiplayer games) and reading all over the forums that region transfers would be impossible or too difficult to develop “because names would conflict” never fails to annoy me.

No it’s not, and they would not.

Our characters aren’t identified as Whiskee or Blooh anywhere, the primary key is some random GUID like b4f8545f-40bb-4aee-8cfd-bf8a1677e925 - and the same applies to most important things in the game like guilds, everything guaranteed to be unique. Where they aren’t, and sequential integers are used instead, linking-migrating data that already happens to be grouped by server isn’t sorcery but common practice in the industry. Solving ID clashes definitely requires some development time, but unless the codebase is completely unmaintainable spaghetti that is far from the colossal effort that creating a functioning MMO entailed.

Nobody would care if duplicate character names with different server tags appeared on the party finder, you can’t send whispers nor invite people from other servers anyway ffs. In case Smilegate isn’t aware (seeing how poorly the UI handles long strings and how system messages are a soup of word fragments pasted into the hardcoded Korean sentence structure) the West doesn’t use hangul, and having unique region wide names was an asinine idea from day one.

The scaling issue is another interesting topic - don’t KR servers have a higher concurrent user count than the entire West that’s split into FIVE different regions? “Too many servers create issues” is something you really don’t want to hear from your backend engineers, and if that’s really the case, God help us all - that means we already know that Lost Ark will never be able to grow back a healthy userbase without the massive queues. Honestly, I’ve witnessed indie teams deal with the sudden viral influx of millions of players in a more decisive and professional way.

I appreciate your work @Roxx, I actually get how delicate dealing with a frustrated playerbase is, and I would say most people understand that AGS as a publisher is only able to relay feedback and communicate both ways what’s the priority of things to address. But please understand that this vagueness (whatever is actually happening) doesn’t inspire confidence at all and the region has been bleeding for weeks as a result. Playing on EUW is becoming a miserable experience, no matter what the occasional contrarian comments from support players claim.

The gaming press couldn’t wait to gloat and throw you under the bus for the bot situation (a consequence of incredibly poor bot detection in a client-authoritative game, entirely SG’s fault) and I can already see the same will happen here when an entire region of a previously successful game finally collapses.


This. Thanks.

I’m a developper myself and it’s just funny how ppl think that migrating would be hard.

This is some simple database transfer. Yes it can get messy. Yes it can take time
But impossible ? C’mon.

I also know BDO merged the market so it would become global, if the ycan do this for EUC/EUW, most of the problems would be solved. Party finder can come later, atm there is enough ppl to clear content, the problem is the number of item drops.

@Roxx answered about this saying they were working on a solution. I think it will take time but it will ultimately come