Do something for players to get 5x3 Easier

Please Amazon Games or Smilegate do something.
I for myself found it impossible to do stuff in LOst ark lately (outside a static group that is). Stuff like Raids and Guardian Raids that define the Lategame of Lost Ark. And that is just because of the Majority of the community wants you to have 5x3 Engravings or +21 Weapons etc.
This Task for me is Impossible without going to Remote buy gold or Spending a lot of money, that I don’t have, to get gold in your Ingame Shop.

So here is my Suggestion:
Make a 1 Time per Roster Bundle in the in-game shop for 20x Legendary Engravings (Bound) for like 50-100€, This will enable a lot of players, not just me, to buy that and don’t risk any Bans and enjoy the game, as we did before. And it would soft reset the Economy. Also you, Amazon Games/Smilegate, would go out with a profit for both ends, keeping the player base and making Money. so it’s a Win/win for the community and for the developers.
You could also do something similar to this, but please do something now and not just in 5 Months when it is too late.

It just feels unrewarding playing the Game for Weeks just to get 5x3 eventually, and it is a long grind and it would take me like 3 months even to accumulate the Gold needed to get 5x3. Just to step into the next ‘‘This is what the Community demands now’’ scenario.

Please Just please do something.


yes and make boss 1/10 health, and our damage 10x please


LOL you think that’s bad, wait till you want to get another alt brelshaza ready.

I mean its not a bad idea with how bad the gatekeeping has been for a lot of players , and they could make them bound so it has no way of being sold

Ye and make F2P players your slave… It is the only thing we get gold when we drop.

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You could also make the bundle accessible for Crystals so everybody can get it for just Gold but a lot less than the current market prices. Like 5k-10k Crystals which is about 10k-20k Gold right now.

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We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. :slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone who’s participated in this topic and I will forward this to the Dev team to review.

We already got 4 class engravings (to choose) for free.
A full 1460 roster makes ~70k Gold per week with just the raids.
You can also sell unbound GHL for another ~10-20k per week.

Also: You can clear Koku with 4 4x3 geared players if they can actually play - took us 6h earlier this week but definitely possible (we actually fucked up a lot in Bingo, first Bingo was after ~1.5h).
So ideally IF you are a good player (not above average, actually good): Look for others playing on the same level and play with 4x3 geared alts for a while.

Below Koku you definitely DO NOT need 5x3 - they melt anyway…

Why am I actually against this?
Because it fucks up the market once more.
Just like all the Grenade, Potion, etc. Boxes did. Crafting has been useless for most of the time the game has been out compared to just buying and reselling later on (Very low margins with sometimes medium risk of making a loss when 50 new Boxes drop for everyone and the price drops into nowhere)

I think Legendary Engravings should be something to work towards and something that should be worth something when you sell it.

What I am for is giving people maybe 2-4 when a class releases in the accompanying event (I think there should always be one! Even if its 2 classes in 2 months…) is a good thing - it helps everyone.

But 20 to buy for cheaper just drives the price down which is unfair to F2P players and low spenders.
You already can buy them, just buy Gold via the Exchange and then buy them off the AH.

At 16k per Book, it would be ~320k Gold which would be ~450€ without considering Gold you actually make yourself in the game and the free books we already got.

A better measure would be to lower the amount of royals needed per Gold buy (without adjusting the blue crystal amount of course…)


why cant ppl just save up the gold for the books? spent 2 weeks before kakul for ambush book(big misstake should have bought grudge and gone 4x3 1x2 on kakul) and the last 2 weeks for grudge.


The market is fucked at the moment and something like this would fix it more than anything else. And also not everybody has time to do 6 chars all raids every week and it is sad that you apparently have the time to do so.

In my opinion everyone should be able to get the Engraves they need so they can actually enjoy the game and not get gatekeeped. And without Months of Grinding or Having a lot of money, there is such little chance to enjoy the game, cause of the communitys ‘‘we Need This and That’’

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the same should be for +25 weapon, LOS30, lv4 tripods, lv10 gems?
people should just get it without working for it? like why even play the game then if you want stuff like that just handed out


What the devs should do something about is class engraving accesories.

You can whale 50 years and still not get 5x3 BiS if the AH is empty when you search what you need.


The gatekeeping bar will just be set higher once everyone has 5x3. Ppl will probably ask for LOS18+ or more in the future.

As a new player, I 100% agree we need some way to be able to get 20 legendary books per roster!

Buying the books costs anywhere from 60-250kish per set and are required for your main to be able to play the content in the game.

It looks like they are much much cheaper in Korea than they are here since our economy is destroyed here from the bots. So maybe there they are affordable for new players but not here.

In order to make that money you most likely need to be playing the content that you are locked out of because you don’t have said books in the first place preventing you from progressing.

How are we to make that kind of money to catch up? Once we have one character with a legendary class engraving and a secondary legendary engraving then we may actually have a chance to get a second character there at some point!

Great idea!

It will just become full ancient gear + acc. 5x3 will probably always be the standard even when people can get 6 engravings with ancient.

I always laugh at the people going on about how you don’t need 5x3. People have decided you do so you do. You will not get into groups without it unless you are support. I have 5x3 on all my characters and I always look at the applications for groups i’m in and see all the people with 4x3 or lower get rejected. Not a single one makes it into a group. So you’re left with joining groups within guilds only if they even have room and if you’re even able to be on for when they decide to run. The only time you do see them in the group is if their friend who is way more geared decides to make the group and sneak their friend in to get carried.

Whole thing is a shitshow.

Some people here just don’t get the point or don’t want to get it. Maybe it’s just because they already spend a lot of Gold on Books and want new players or returning players to go through the same bullshit. Gatekeeping is a REAL PROBLEM and should not be ignored. So either stop Gatekeeping players once and for all or be part of a solution so EVERYBODY can enjoy the game equally. That does not mean removing the grind from the game, but going a little bit in the direction of newer players making their life easier is not a bad thing and is highly accepted by them.
For some people, it is not enjoyable having to play 6+ Chars for weeks or months just to get the Legendary books for 200k or so. Just so they don’t get gatekeept.


you don’t really need 5x3 until Brel,

and if you are already farming clown weekly yet don’t have any legendary engravings, you clearly did something wrong and threw gold away, or you’ve only been progressing through by paying for bus

If you actually play the game then you would understand that there really isn’t such things as gatekeeping as you can still run/make Argos group with 3x3 engravings, hell even oreha hard dungeons with 1 engraving. you just want to get free carries without putting much effort

New player demanding to play endgame content few days after starting but can’t is not considered gatekeeping.

In fact you probably aren’t even speaking for “new players” but for your second account to hoard resources but having a hard time since you’re “experienced” so you’re entitled to join those 1445+ groups but your account doesn’t look like it after sending all those resources to your main account.

now you will reply to me and say this is a toxic community behaviour that gatekeeps the new players, nice try but what new players in Bots Ark?

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Gatekeeping is here to filter out players just like you. And I thank SG for that.

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