Do the bots really bother you that much?

They don’t really bother me. They just run around doing quest, sometimes I tag along and kill stuff with them for a while. I don’t completely get why they get under people’s skin as much as they do.

It’s fun and games until you can’t play the game due to ques


Tell that to those sitting in 15k queues XD


Yeah the 4 hour queues don’t bother me that much either, the inflation, or the RMT… doesn’t bother me at all! What’s Stockholm syndrome?


Dexwar dude did u just wake up and type this post? PEOPLE CAN’T ENTER IN THE GAME! ECONOMY DESTROYED…


What bothers me is that 20 legendary grudge books cost 200k


I used to buy those for 395g y’know? When bots were in a lull.


Bots are destroying economy for none whales.


me too brother.
The market and queue are fine on my server.
I am enjoying the game too. :grin:

Not only the price, look at the transactions - 100, 100, 100, 100… People just buy the minimum, probably just for pheons or Mari. And one probably entered one 0 too many and now regrets it lol.

There were times when crystals sold so fast and in such numbers that it was difficult to track and seemd like some Wallstreet panel with realtime exchange rates fluctuating.

why would you make a post so useless/dumb ?

they are farming bots for gold generation which means for players wanting to sell legitimate resources, they are screwed as the value is slowly depleted to rock bottom. not only that, but the gold revenue generated via bots is being sold to players for cheaper prices than the ingame currency exchange thus harming AGS reputation and also giving them an “unfair” advantage as they should be banned for doing this. but of course AGS doesn’t ban them lol. Also the queues are ridiculous, personally i dont mind waiting but most people dont want to wait and shouldn’t have to wait. the bots contribute nothing to the game other than players unrest. AGS has no experience with dealing with bots to this scale and neither does SG. Players have time and time again suggested 2fa, captcha anti-botting or even people volunteering to sit in game to ban bots but despite people volunteering ags neglects it all and week after week tells us that the changes dont happen overnight, but at this point who am i to say all this? im just a player lol. the only saving grace is when the next legion raid drops, a 10-30gb update or something like it will put the virtual machines behind for a day or 2 before the shitty internet coming from those botting offices finally gets the VM’s patched up and ready to farm those beautiful tradeable legendary engraving books to further downtrodden the economy.

Another way to phrase your question is, “do 2 hour queues on servers that don’t even have a lot of human players bother you”?

And the answer to that should be pretty fucking obvious.


They will start bothering You once they swarm Your server and You end up with 15k queues

Been thinking, even rmters can’t even log in at this point what are these bots farming for?

there is a big difference between NA and EU.

I (we) don’t have queues on EU due to bots. so i don’t care about them.

if i would have 15k queues because of bots like in NA, i would mind a lot.

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rmters also botting chaos when they sleep , never log out

Do you think they will stop buying the gold If they know that?

This is a joke right? It didn’t bug me before because I didn’t understand the amount of damage they were causing. Now that I do Bots are doing things such as

-Controlling the auction house prices
-One shotting Bosses with infinite damage
-Clogging up servers with queues.
-Screwing up the economy of blue crystals
-F2p players are screwed over if they arent RMTING
-Players who use to pay real money to this game are now stopping and consider taking investments elsewhere

  • Players are quitting because of this
    I see my entire guild list dwindling as players are moving away from this game because its infested with botting, This sort of thing KILLS game for people.

Think about it for a minute, just because bots aren’t disturbing you, doesn’t mean its not ruining the entire game.

  • Massive queues
  • Horrible gold/crystal inflation
  • AGS is a cowardly and greedy company, and does nothing about players engaging in RMT or just straight up running infinite chaos bots on their main account, as long as they spend a bit of money on royal crystals. Really makes it feel like playing is pointless when they get so much for far less effort than what I put in.
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