Do they not want me to play the game?

At certain points you just get gated behind daily limits, whats the point of that?
Do Smilegate not want me to keep playing? Because practically I have nothing substantial to do past 2 chaos or guardians etc.
Whats the fucking point haha? Grab another 50 mokokos while braindeadly reading a guide?

Just let me grind the mats I need. No im not paying anything. So stupid :smiley: ?

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This game is very heavily oriented towards having alts. So you should either focus on making more alts so you can do more chaos/guardians etc. Or you can focus yourself towards horizontal progression that will help out your character like gaining skill pots, stat points etc. Completing Adventure books, collectables and so on.

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Gated content exists now because there are literally people who will just rush the entirety of the game in 1-2 weeks. Progression has to have a gated form of some sort to give both casual players and the hardcore ones an equal footing. Youre more than welcome to make alts to funnel materials to your main if you want. These kind of models value peoples time who have full time jobs, or limited time compared to other players. It’s to help bridge any gap that can be created.


And repeat the mindless process all over?
I want to play and build my character only.

I liked the idea of horizontal progress early on but now I just see it as pointless. It’s absolutely all the same, just run and pick stuff mindlessly. So not engaging at all.

Let me fight and kill monsters, use my character, actually do something fun. But I can’t?
Smilegate treats me like an idiot.

also they released T3 etc too early Western. Also the game needs sheer more things to do before T3.

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Yeah idk why people suggest running alts like it solves the lack of content lmao.

Repeating content does not mean it magically becomes new or fun content.

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You could find the Mokoko Seeds without a guide for a change of pace :slight_smile:

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It’s an alt game. Everyone who came here looking for anything similar to WoW or Diablo or anyother “grindy” stuff will be disappointed. This is all “time” based, resets, etc.

The game is about having 11 alts

Because it’s literally one of the foundations built into this game. Why do you think you get two powerpasses when you hit level 50? The game is literally about having alts, and funneling materials to your main character. Alts provide you with the ability to do more dailies, farm more materials/silver. Also you say there is a lack of content, but what have you done besides honing simulator? What’s your skill points at? How many collectibles have you gotten? What are your virtues at?

So I should get alts just to do the gated content two times more? wow thats amazing. Now I can do chaos a whoopedy FOUR times. Its like a joke :smiley:

Horizontal progress is super boring, while theres different stats to build, the way you obtain them is all the same. Also running sim. You dont build horizontally from combat.

Honestly all of that stuff is boring lol

Getting skill points is lame, you can just buy stuff off AH to complete zones for them and the towers are 1 and done content and they even RNG gated Boss Rush/Cube which was kinda interesting but not worth much considering you can’t even regularly experience it.

Cards are super RNG too which doesn’t help, makes collecting a chore and virtues don’t interest me at all tbh.

I still have every virtue chest the game has given me.

I get it though, if picking up seeds and spamming G for 5 hours a day while repeating the same content 19 times on different toons is fun for you then more power to you but this game is gonna fall off super hard in the West if that’s all they offer.

A single WoW expansion despite how bad they are offers more content the entirety of a 3 year old game.

And contrary to popular belief, repeating content 18 times isn’t adding more content it’s just repeated content.


If they meant you to play the game like that they would have designed it that way.
Instead this was created like this on purpose.
Want to avoid a specific gate in front of your preferred content? Pay…or you can wait.

Some gates can be circumvented by creating alts, others are just there, like gathering energy.
Once it’s done you either wait to refill or buy a energy thingy to recharge it.

If you hop around from thing to thing to avoid gates the game is fun, but only if you enjoy more than a couple of things you can do. If you only like one thing you’re kinda screwed…well, more like it’s not really the game for you, imho.

yeah fundamentally the game is super flawed due to gated content because its build on the swipe mechanic.

It’s basically a 200 IQ Whale Catching machine.

Can’t fault them for it if suckers buy into it I guess :person_shrugging:

So youre admitting to refusing to progressing your character with the systems provided.
Cards arent even a relevant topic, cards literally dont matter until the very end of the game and even then arent a necessity, just a nice bonus. There are more collectibles in the game that progress your character, Im not talking about mokoko seeds.

The game also isnt free to play (have to purchase expansion), and requires you to have a subscription, of course youre going to have more content on the get go. This is simple common sense.

Then, they dont care if you play or dont.

I could be a paying customer but theres no incentive to paying.
The cash shop isnt one. The game itself isnt one.

I tried them, just didn’t find any of them fun lol. I doubt most people will, we’ve been exposed to better games with better systems of progression.

Again, even collecting those cards or skill points is a chore, it doesn’t feel new or fun or rewarding at all considering you can swipe your way through most if not all of it.

I mean this game probably generates a good amount of money off skins and whales no? They can afford to diversify content but they choose a static route to milk as much time and money possible out of people.

Granted WoW is just as much of a culprit of this, but let’s be real.

Out of the 2 evils, Lost Ark’s system is far more evil in terms of being predatory about RMT and content locking behind RNG.

No other Western MMO does it to this extent.

I don’t think it’s flawed, it’s just made in a way that doesn’t fit with you.
If you’re one of those people that need to keep going forward and hates having to wait for things this is not the game for you.

If you enjoy grinding, making alts and play without rush it’s a lot of fun. A Diablo kind of fun.

To be fair, a lot of people tried to warn others who were waiting for Lost Ark as the next “mmorpg messiah” that the Korean style it was gonna bring wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea.

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