Do twitch drops come with me if i change region?

i dont think they do but we deffo need like better incentives to change region xD

Nope. Amazon didn’t think us worthy enough to receive them cross region.

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I don’t think anything comes with you if you swap region? Or maybe your roster inventory, I think someone mentioned? :thinking:

Royal Crystals and Crystalline Aura, nothing else.

Edit: Royal Crystals: only unspent ones as they are account wide.

I’m super salty I didn’t get my twitch drops when changing to EUW.
Even tried earning them again on a different twitch user, but doesn’t work.

IMO, they should put the twitch drops on a third daily login reward tab onn EUW.
It won’t affect any other region, and a tiny bit easier to make people move over for EUC.

Some will get double rewards, because they have gotten their drops after moving, but I don’t care. Just make them non-tradeable like the second founders skins packs.

tl;dr - I’m super salty, give me my twitch drops AGS.


If the drops are in your product inventory then yes you can claim them on EUW. If you already claimed them on Central then you won’t be able to.

agree, I claimed yesterday another pack and then couldt connect again, so I migrate to EUW finally to play something but lost all that items that are good items.