Do we have a date for the next news update?

I was wondering if we knew when more info was coming out for the supporter packs, launch details, and the changes the mods here have collected?

I know they have said there would be one in January just wondering if I missed a date anywhere?


All they said so far is that we have videos about founder content coming mid january.

Keen to know about this too … Need more official news!!

Yes… and seeing it isn’t mid-January yet, I would say in a week or so before we get any more news…

I could be wrong… lol

We are working to get more information shared and provide a January Team Update. We are trying to balance the desire to get an update out as soon as we can and locking as much information as we can to include it in the next communication. I would expect to see a few different communications this month that discusses release details and open questions from the community.


Thank you for the response! Much appreciated!

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