Do we have more skin tones available than other regions?

I’ve seen AGS talking about skin tones and making it appear as if our version has a wider range of skin tones to choose from than other regions.

I mean, I get that due to our version being international our player base is more diverse, that they changed a few NPCs to be more diverse and that we have more different presets.

But do we actually have more skin tone options? Watching other regions on youtube it looks like the they have exact same slider.

Am I wrong here or did AGS lie/misinform us again?

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I want to know if there’s a difference between regions of the game.

CMs talked about skin tones/colors as if our region has more options. That’s their justification on why SH skin tone is different.

I want to know if this is true or not, since to me it seems like we all have the same skin color slider. That would not be the first time they misinformed or lied about something.

Sorry if my question isn’t clear, my english is self taught.

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Continuing the discussion from Shadowhunter Demon Form Skin Tone:

This is the explanation given why our SH demon form is black while all other regions have a white one.

If we have all the skin tone options as other regions, which I believe we do, then this reason makes ZERO sense.


even if theres more options in our version it still doesnt make any sense

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AGS is straight up lying to our faces or they are just clueless, either way their explanation is BS

in KR u can make dark character as well


Nope, it was a straight-up lie. They really think they can do this to us.


Jesus Christ, what a anomaly. I bet we will see Artists like that in the west.

So it’s confirmed they straight up lied to us, huh?

So that’s the standard we should be expecting going foward @Roxx ?


This is from the Korean website… 로스트아크 인벤 : 위쳐 시리 가발 게롤트 가발 블래스터 무기 - 로스트아크 인벤 스크린샷 갤러리 … Seems they do have darker skins…

They are also able to have VERY pale skin (which we can’t… I tried)…

I really don’t know what AGS is talking about. It seems we probably have the same range of skin color in both regions… Maybe the west version can be darker, but in Korea they can have paler skin tone… seems equal to me…

So why is the Shadowhunter’s demon form dark?
There is no excuse.

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AGS saying NA/EU has more skin tones available in our version unlike korea they don’t. TBH was that even an option or a choice? Obviously we would choose korea SH demon form over those useless “skin tones available” that players rarely uses.

It would be so simple. Just copy Korea and do translations.

Somehow they are trying to ruin the global version.

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I don’t get why they think they need to do anything more. No one is asking for their foolishness… Almost every other game in new regions just copy->translate->paste. That’s all they had to do…

Well, not really.

There is still some good changes in our version, even if majority is bad.

In KR there is 2 monthly aura, and you can’t buy it with BC, only RC, if that happend on our version, it’s a dead end from the start.

You’d also need to spend BC to change the stat of your pet in KR, which is free for us (even if the change isnt big, not gonna lie, everyone got much pet now, one for each stat isnt hard)

I’d like to have the paler skin tone so much, i mean, it’s really beautiful.

wow, this is mindblowing…

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