Do we have numbers of players ? EUW


Seems like players are decreasing days by days on the EUW region, do we have some numbers ?
Amazon will do something ?
Do i invest more time in it (1 000 hours steam) or go to EUC now ?

I’m a bit lost on what to do, i dont want to play more on EUW if it die without a solution in a couple of weeks/month

Thanks for reading :smiley:

it will not die in the next weeks but if you are ready to leave 1000 hours and everything go, many people will not do that. But you are right it’s time for Amazon to speak more openly for this situation and their future plans. I am curious to see the number of players in teh region. I suppose they are around 20-25K max.

Well I stopped playing after the last update. I guess many players did the same.

Worse: I visited the Forums only once today. Which is now.

gg Lost Ark.

I hate to be that guy but even if you move to EUC it will end up in the same spot eventually

The game will never see a big spike in new players or achieve the numbers it had at launch, it’s all downhill from here

New games will come out, people will move on, content creators will move to the next big thing, and no new player will want to try an old p2w kmmo

The last kmmo I played now has less than 1k players on steam, it’s died a slow death, as will lost ark

The best they can hope for is to retain a small but loyal playerbase by releasing regular content and keeping them on the gear treadmill

Euw is absolutly fine. 3/30 on a saturday morning at 05:00 :rofl:

2 More ppl, we had cleared it.

It’s sad that AGS isnt communicating about the future of EUW