Do we have punika power pass?

where is it ? i want to boost reaper and than express event her

"Players will receive a Punika Powerpass after completing Punika’s quest “Berver’s Friend” during (or before) the event period, delivered via in-game mail. "

i did quest before i dont have any mail with punika pass

check mail of all chars. Maybe chars on other servers ? Shrugs. Some ppl asked about that, so u can check forum as well if there were any answers.

I had it on my main tbh.

ye im trying to gogle it

there was topic when guy used ticked than was looking for mail

but i havent used ticket and no mail

it come in event box ?
i logged on my mail claimed bunch of items, havent seen patch
i havent played couple months, maby thats why ?

ya did the berver questline tho?

Mail should be from tuesday. Golden ticket like thingie that is in your inventory and u gotta click it to claim it then.

I think it is sent in the mail of the first character you logged in to after the patch if you had already completed the quest.

ofc i did
on my Blade first she is and on my pally
blade is my main

i got some twitch boxes some compensation junk etc

but not see golden ticket :confused:

try support section then i guess

allso, i waited 2 day cause i needed to delete my archer in order to create reaper
but he never did punika so is ok i guess

Your main suppose to receive it

i really really dont want to write ticket to support

but what can i do

unless u forgot to check the mail on that character.
In that case, u could ask for restoration of it i guess in that case

look i used my last free powerpass when arcana came out

is this may be problem ? or we got NEW pass

there’s a new one for the reaper patch unless you claim it already you will have to create a new character first in order to use it

This pass only allow 1 single sever wide? Uh oh… this blows, I claimed it on a sever that I don’t play my main account. This is so disappointing. I guess I won’t be making a new char anytime soon. No communication from SG/AGS about the single use sever wide, or am I missing something?

yes i deleted my hawkeye, made space for reaper

i only have 6 char rooster maximum, she wait at level 1

checked all chars no ticket anywhere on mail or main character

Not playing on multiple servers but I guess it most likely should be one powerpass.

Of course its only 1, otherwise everyone would be making alts on other servers for una tokens etc.

It would make no sense for every server to have 1 free powerpass, why would you even assume that.

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