Do we know when the female Berserker class coming out

I’d really like to get my warrior started, but can’t until they release female classes so any idea how long we’d have to wait.

I wouldn’t count on it releasing before any of the current released classes in Korea. They’re supposedly releasing it sometime soon over there, no exact date yet though

End of this year or beginning of next probably. Atleast that’s what they said in the interview.

Dang that’s gunna suck waiting an entire year, was hoping they were prioritizing parity.

Sucks waiting at all for any class that had been out for over a year already.

Still don’t understand why we have to wait, but for this one it’ll be a while.

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Yeah sadly. I also wanted to main Lancemaster and they are gonna release new classes only every 2-3 months. And considering how a lot of stuff is only claimable once it’s disappointing.

So worst case gonna wait a year too.