Do we really need supports in team for current content?

Why do people act like argos is some big deal to fight? Pary finder is full of parties like: looking for +2 supports. Like, its just toughter guardian raid with few wipe mechanics, like in abyssal dungeons. Squad of parties in lost ark, never meant to be like in old mmos: 1 tank, 1 support, rest dps, yet people still bringing that idea to this game, and wonder why its so hard to gather people and do that endgame content.

Because 99% of the people still die at pizza :pizza:


This. It covers people who don’t learn the mechanics

From what veterans have said, people who don’t do mechanics will be in trouble when harder content comes out.

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You dont need a support for P1 or P3 unless your really bad at the game with Argos, you would only need supports for hard airas if you have slow dps to.

For P2 there is so much shit to dodge that does high amounts of DMG that I cant blame people wanting supports just for that.

I have to say playing a support is fun, except for the fact that all accessories are so damn expensive. I dinged 1370 today and got invited to p1 within 5 mins of looking for a group. The squad taught me the cheese mechanic and we wiped just once. I haven’t got another alt so haven’t tried this without any supports but damn it went smooth with supports!

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Im a paladin main, I just feel like I can carry any raid as long as im doing my job perfectly. I feel like I can do any content with any group (as long as theres no wipe mechanic).

I just did argos phase 3 yesterday, the other team had a gunlancer support cause we couldnt find another support. At phase 3, it was only our team still alive and we ended up finishing the fight.

no and the player show it by not playing supports

Yes. Because 3DPS + 1 Support is more damage than 4DPS. It also saves you consumables. Don’t you like your runs being faster?


This, i play main bard, with the right skill and roation you can every one the group attack speed, dmg buff and dmg reduction.
Alone the dmg buff if all is set right is 70% per Champ, dmg reduction up 75% and + shield.
Alone the dmg with 3 other players are more worth than one dps champ. So yes.

The numbers are true i just locked them up.

As an artillerist, sometimes I feel ‘forced’ to go into a more supportive role maxing out my Shields with the perk to apply it on team mats too for 20% of my health.

Would you rather spend 300+ gold on consumables or wait 10 minutes to get someone that heals and shields you?

Because people are dogshit at the game, if you actually want to complete content in NAE it’s best to just never invite the person if they are from;

  • Avesta
  • Regulus
  • Kharmine
  • Zosma

Players from these servers are absolute trash cans If you have anyone from these servers for NAE you need support to help them survive.

Most of the players I see from these servers are Mayhem level 3 Zerkers with lvl 1 Heavy armor and they still the first to die.

I personally like to have supports so I don’t have to burn so many pots

To this day I still dont understand why people cant stand in one the two safespots and pop a timestop potion. Apparently this is complicated mechanics to the western audience.



Why waste pots a Pally has more value and provides better DPS for the group then an actual DPS.

Because waiting 20 minutes extra instead of bringing the scrapper with 3 negative engravings is faster.

ppl too lazy to watch a 3minute guide xd
better get those supports in

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No it isn’t because your your pally gone buff everyones damage and attack speed you’ll spend less time avoiding certain mechanics because of the Shield and heals increasing your damage further you’ll get done quicker then with the scrapper.

Support? what’s that? :grin: made a group of Zerks only for Argos, we had some fun!

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Party finder is useless atm, they need to rename it to supports party finder cause 98% looking only for supports. I wish they could rework matchmaking so it would work on specific stages you want to do. Cause i meet a lot of great peoples in matchmaking allready and found mostly elitist and quitters in party finder. I have seen allready few party leaders that wanted to pay 2k gold for any support that join lol.
Just to remind any of you, our version is lacking in support classes because there is no artist, because BiS items for support cost a lot if you dont swipe and because not many players are interested to playing main support just to do 1 or 2 raids per week.