Do we still get powerpasses if we switch?

im trying to switch to the west servers because of the lock outs but not sure if i want to if i cant get those 2 free powerpasses again. Will i get them again if i make a new character in another region

I’m not sure if the power passes are region bound or server bound. I know for a fact that if you claim a power pass on a character on a server in NA West for example, you can never get a power pass on any other server in that same region (NA West). Which is really stupid.

This question has been asked several times and answered many many times before

NO the powerpass is server based

when you use the powerpass it literally says on character selection screen in top left corner to which servers it is tied to.

For what i read in this Forum, you can use the pass in another region If you havent USED it. You could have gained but not used. But in the new region you have to unlock it again i suppose

you get the powerpass for having leveled a char to 50, that’s very simple it’s server based

But you can use it just in one Region. Used in EU, no additional Pass in NA