Do you agree with this attitude? when it comes to selling Argos

Recently a friend of mine went to pay a (Buss in Argos) with a player and his game gave error in P2, but when he came back he had lost his entry and gold and Argos and left with nothing, he just wanted his money back because he lost his money and the Argos entry. do you agree not to return the money? just because it’s not the person’s fault his game showed up with an error? just like it’s not the person’s fault either?

It’s the same situation as this comment.

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I agree, nothing is worse than having to wait because some guy in the bus group DC’d and no one knows what happened.
Don’t care if its their fault but it will be their loss.

Did he pay the driver? If yes, then the driver was an asshole. They should’ve waited for him to come back.

At worst you’ll wait for 10mins, then the game kicks the DC guy out of the squad anyway.


Personally, i’d feel like i am scamming someone. So i wouldn’t do it.
They would be paying me for a service i did not complete.
Not to mention, i suppose its being part of a community, usually you want whats best for others, but aye maybe thats just me lol.
However, i am aware that there are people out there who are just blatantly rude & toxic to whoever is the driver, in that circunstance i’d have a slightly different stance, however, yeah. I do not agree with the attitude.

Feels like an AH that just took the opportunity imo, i mean, mans could’ve waited 10 minutes.


I usually give 10mins. Crashes happen.

Personally I would wait at least 5 minutes for a reconnect.

However, there is no rule book for bussing. So once currency changes hands that person now has the power to make the choice and the other can live with it. Ideally the driver would want to keep their reputation in tact so a good faith 5 minute wait should be sufficient. Getting a bad rep even if its not warranted is like getting a 0 star review. People will avoid. Best for a driver to avoid this. Eventually a bad rep will catch up.


I mean, but they did complete the service, I agree with not refunding the money, but they should have at least wait for him to reconect.

Glad to see they’re are decent human beings still kicking around, let Rngesus be with you :pray:


It all comes down to mutual trust when it comes to bussing because there is no set rule or law behind this. A similar debate was flaming in Korean server not long ago. Some even mentioned about taking legal action. The argument died out when a player who is an active lawyer stepped in. Things like these should be discussed and agreed before the departure.

The Hornpoison Incident:

Active Laywer Verification:

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Just take revenge next week. Join a bus as a group of 5 then after p1 ends vote to quit and get the reward. That’s how you stop this bussers

Stop paying stupid bussing crap. There is zero need to pay anyone

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lmao do this and next reset bussers will start collecting on raid entrance.

Everyone in this thread is missing the fact that OPs “friend” ( LOL) paid before phase 2. That is a GIANT RED FLAG.

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I had a similar thing happen to me, crashed right at beginning but the catch is my driver was from the NA west bus discord server so I told him right away what happened and they waited for me to load back into the game without any issues. Discord is a blessing ngl


With the current value of Crystal in the store to buy Aura it makes it difficult for some people with the question of paying in P2

but then gold income sucks

The same thing happened to me, a guy named “Deboxado” Berserk 1480 on the South American server Kazeros" took advantage of the moment and didn’t refund the money, and it wasn’t my fault that the game crashed with an error (w0x9-spelpwp1p2nt) much less that the game took almost 5 minutes to open before the character was loaded. lack of empathy in this game, I don’t spend much time on this game anymore, so I don’t care what happened to me, but I hope other people don’t l errors in the game while playing with this guy like it happened to me. Not to mention that this Deboxado guy is super rude.

He didn’t solve the situation with me, but his guild solved it for him.
I still don’t recommend going with this guy if you’re falling

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5 min max wait -can’t sacrifice 3+ passenger time for 1 person who you don’t know will reconnect.

The point is that the person who fell has suffered double the damage by losing Argos, which he can only do next week, he should at least get his gold back. so both of you end up relaxed and with your reputation intact.

I guess you dont visit the forum very often