Do you enjoy playing the game?

From what i can see in the forums everyone is bitter about something. Payons, Gold, Skins, Classes, Bots. Honestly the only ones that i havent seen complaining are the Mokoko enjoyers.

The game is free to play but the devs need to eat something, skins and the pass are simply not enough as they are optional and here is where your payons and gold comes in handy. The less you can obtain the more you would need to buy. If you dont want to swipe you cant expect a smooth progression for your alts.

In addition no one is forcing you to run the best engravings. My zerker is with 3 mayhem crisis evansion and ambush master. On the other hand my bard is with rainbow stats 3/3 class and awakening. I never had issues with parties ad i dont mm as well and if someone complains about my build i just ask them to send me 10k gold for fix and we went back to mashing buttons and dodging circles.

For skins they are personal preference, i would buy lingerie armor for my sorc and blades but i dont care when its released.

Classes, im probably going to main FBI and again i dont mind when it would be released. If we get rng mage and shadowhunter v2 first so be it.

Lastly the bots, its nothing that we can do about it, report and move on.

TLDR: Best free game, enjoy as much as possible, and dont let the little things stop you from playing.


I would say people complains alot but most people still enjoy the game

Otherwise they wouldnt bother complaining on something they dont enjoy / care :3

I personally enjoy it and its fun to read the forum sometimes and have a good laugh or lose some braincells sometimes ( no offense )



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I enjoy the different classes and how they each play.

I would enjoy customization if it exists… it does not.
I would enjoy the Guardian fights… if it wasn’t the same one every single day because it offers the best loot.
I would enjoy the weekly dungeons… if it wasn’t the same ones every single week.
I would enjoy the Chaos Dungeons… No, I probably wouldn’t because they’re the same every day.

There’s just too much of the same thing every single time. And even characters look the same because the skin situation sucks.

The only thing I enjoy is the classes at this point and I’m pretty much done till May and see how things go there and play the Destroyer for a bit.


I’m sure these magical forums could think of quite a few things the devs could eat.


i enjoy the game mostly thanks to pvp , started the game one month ago on EUW.

sadly the server & market are dying super fast , so i’ll just keep LA as a side game .

btw what is that “shadowhunter v2” you’re talking about ? i love SH i hope they aren’t gonna butcher it.

as for best F2P , it’s probably not even in the top 10.

I complain about things I would like to see change but honestly lost ark is my favorite game I have played of any genre.

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Having a blast still
Main is valtan ready
Alts are coming along nicely
Adventure journal is maybe a month away from being done
Gotta work more on islands and masterpieces after that

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its scouter, same gimmick, as shadow hunter , build up gauge, and transform.

Yes, i enjoy playing the game.

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Yup… enjoying many aspects of the game

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Nice shill, how much did u get paid for this post?

All these things was easily searched from RU/KR version of game and yet you still decide to play.
I understand complaints about misssing game content but some ppl want change core of the game.
This is grindy game, you always gonna do same thing over and over.

1.73 trillion won / 1.3 billion usd in 2021.

i enjoy the game, hence why i care about giving feedback on the forums. heated discussions are part of the process and within theres always a few salty guys that are just here to be troublesome.

And some people are always going to have a brown nose because they like it.

I do like the game. But there are dozens of guardians which are fun, why do we have to fight the same one over and over and over and over and over and over… When a shuffle and equalization already exist in the game as the guardian event proves. Shuffle the damn guardians and give us the same loot.

There are a bunch of great weekly dungeons in the game. Why can’t they cycle them and give us a random one every week?

They can… they choose not to. And people like you say thank you. People like me ask “why?”

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Enjoying the Game? I am having as blast! I wasn´t so hooked by a game since Vanilla/BC WoW. This is the first MMORPG since a long time that is really fun to me.
The story starts… well not too exciting but it gets a lot better and i loved the South Vern Story.
The gameplay is awesome, i like the Music.
Sure there are things to improve (e.g. Life Skills) but nothing is perfect.

The only thing that that kills the joy from time to time is the community. All this people who make a fuss about a video game as if they are trying to win the olympic games… should just relax . It is only a game people shloud try having fun.

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I mean, people that are enjoying the game are mostly playing the game.
People on the forums either haven’t had enough exposure to eastern style mmos or are asking for changes only because its an inconvenience to them.

I enjoy Thursdays, other than that the game is boring but that’s just how MMOs are. The big problem is the fact everyone who plays the game at even the most basic of level is going to severely out gear the next content.

Game is fine as is.

All the arguments about gear honing or skins or classes are just all people who needs to go touch grass honestly.

Game will always be here. Sure you’ll be behind in a sense but like…you can always catch up during downtimes when we wait for content.

I couldn’t do argos on launch 1-2 weeks behind but now i caught up and will be able to do valtan. surprising right?

And the same will happen with valtan…the downtime for next content and the introduced events/content will help players catch up even more.

It’s nothing to cry about and people just need to relax, not a competition, and play other games or touch grass.

I was happy when the game came out, but now i just don’t want to stay online anymore, i just log in to do chaos and little more than that.