Do you enjoy your 6 gold earners?

For example I don’t. But I don’t force myself to play them.

Ive deleted a berserk, lancer,destroyer, soulfist, glavier, gunslinger, scooter, bard, shadowhunter all for different reasons.

Now that i’ve tried everything I’m going full El cheapo.

Ags gives free pass make a 3x3 no gems support with legos and relic stone.


I had 3 characters I played, I’m slowly raising 2 more characters because I like to play those characters atm. So yes, I do enjoy my not 6 but 5 gold earners because they arent just gold earners but the characters that I enjoy the most.

But I think I should’ve created 6 bards, I have 2 atm and I think I just like to play support that other than my destroyer other 2 dps are just there because they are 1450+
I used to like those 2 dps some time ago tho, but I got tired of them the more I liked being tankier.

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i’d love to enjoy 6 gold earning supports. but i only have 2
because the options to play what i rly enjoy are just fantastic…
the other 7 dps chars… it’s okay, but id dump them for supports at any time

I only play deathblade. I can’t imagine playing 6+ different classes. Everything is shared that can be. If I could go back I probably would have created my main deathblade and support on the rest. Easy to get in groups and complete raids.

I only enjoy 3 of my 6 gold earners

Main reason why I have 15 alts… I am happy now after basically raising all of them to 1460+ then finding the remaining 5 alts I like lol

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I somehow enjoy all of them besides my support

Buddy of mine did this, except started with 6 supports phased one out and brought up an absolutely jooced WD. he could easily have it in full 9’s + some 10’s by now he bought is DS and Expert books back before they spiked up originally for like 50k total. Those 5 bards have no issues in any group all are 1490 minimum and all equally as good as the other in 4x3. Some have 5x3 but it makes zero difference. Each was geared for barely 30k. He’s in such an advantageous position as a starting pure especially as a support.

4x GS and 2x Support. As long it’s that mix, I’m pretty happy :3

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I do. I enjoy all 6 of my characters and earning gold with them, it feels great for me. It took me awhile to find the characters that I truly enjoy playing, but I found them, and now I just have to hone to tier 3.

My final roster is blade, artist, summoner, bard, aeromancer, holy knight.
I also have an extra warlord in the back that I plan to level, but that’s for the future. Playing what I like already feels nice, earning gold from them feels even better.

I’m just waiting for the souleater to come out now. Let’s hope we get it her in before the end of 2024 as Akkan should be coming in 2023.


That’s the whole point.

At most I’d trade one for a new class, but since it’s above 1500 already doesn’t seem like that would happen. Kinda regret not making a gunslinger.

It’s also why I don’t have a support in my roster and no 7th character. Not gonna spoil the game for myself by doing something that’s not fun just for the sake of whatever the game or peer pressure wants me to think I should do

I’m playing 5 out of my 7 characters that are 1475+.
Last two are left at 1385 and 1400. I’m doing only Oreha with one and lopang, not logging for 2nd one.

Most of mine are the same class so I mean lmfao

Out of my 6 gold earners I have 2 I want to replace and they are both above ilvl 1510

One for aeromancer and the other for slayer but by the time those classes release in NA, the two gold earners I don’t like will be 1560 with just honing with bound mats and free taps

I will never delete them just lopang and chaos dungeon with rested guardians if I feel like it

If we had all classes had and including slayer next month in the Korean region

My gold earning roster would be

Until I see soul eater gameplay

I only really play my bard at the moment.

I have a Sorc, Arc and a Summ I’m trying out.

I enjoy playing support, but I literally only like Bard & I’m not going to gear two of the same class; to me it feels like a waste of a slot when I can just reserve the spots for future classes I’m actually interested in like Artist & Aero.

I’ll probably try spending more time doing what I should be on them but until my roster is solid with classes I’m actually interested in, I won’t be utilizing the full 6/6 gold earner slots.

I’ve deleted: Gunslinger, deadeye, sharpshooter, Deathblade, Soulfist, scrapper, glaivier, destroyer, gunlancer, paladin, Arcana.
I am left with shadowhunter, bard, scouter, summoner, sorceress and another sharpshooter.
I like scouter and summoner.


I enjoy my sorcs lol, just made my 4th one the other day and working on getting her to 1490. i have one shadowhunter but don’t enjoy it as much so she’s been 1460 for months.

Not really.

I’ll be pushing my scrapper, bard and Reaper. I have a sorc alt I’m going to slowly push up to 1445/1460 and see how I feel about it post relic.

There are alot of classes I’d like to try but I have so many lopang alts that I just don’t want to invest in something that says “maybe”.

I have to commit too many resources into a character to truelly see how I feel about. example: I learned the hard way that gunslinger is a horrible alt without real investment, I do not perform on it vs compotent players and I don’t like being carried unless I’m a support or alt dps trying to gear up.

I wish it was 3 with double the gold rewards instead of playing 6 characters.