Do you guys aware GAME IS UNPLAYABLE cuz of disconnects?

Yet still no words from you. Never been that bad for me. im like getting chain disconnects every 5 10 mins. Sometimes faster. Please fix this.


I am not sure if you are simply completely unaware of the fact that they have made some adjustments already or if you are simply being sarcastic.

A quick look in the official news area here and you can find where they are looking into the problem and have made some adjustments with more to follow.

Here are some links to posts you may be interested in.
An Update to Disconnect Issues - Official News / Official News - Lost Ark Forums (

Lost Ark Weekly Update - November 30th @ 12 AM PT / 8 AM UTC / 9 AM CET - Official News / Official News - Lost Ark Forums (

This is not a new problem sir white knight. But it is more frequently now. Which adjustments are you talking about? How many times did you lose the weekly raid loot cuz of this? Lemme tell me you i’ve lost many times. And no ticket back. Those links mean nothing to me. They ask for more information. It is easy to get information if you leave an account online for 1 2 hours and you will see the errors in the middle of the screen. i love this game, maybe more than you maybe less but your answer seems silly to me.

ooo so now I’m a “White Knight”, I must be doing well today !
Your answers seem antagonistic to me.

If you read those links then you would know they made adjustments.
Those links might mean nothing to you but they do show that your title to this thread is incorrect at best.
They do have a ticket system in place for users when they are eligible.

I am glad you enjoy the game, so do I.
If your experiencing a problem there is no need to lash out about it. I suggest if you want a resolution to the problem you are experiencing then you either wait patiently for a fix or actively take part in the attempts to resolve the issue.
Anything else is only compounding the problem.

Best of luck with your problem :+1: