Do you guys claim your bonus loot on abys dungeons hard

do you guys claim your bonus loot on abys oreha well dungeons hard

is it worth the price of the loot?

i always skip it (since i used full set argos allready), but i always get it on argos though

but my friend said its worth it

i have 4 1370 alt, should i take it?

Always claim hard mode abyssal dungeons, always claim P3 Argos as well.
Deconstruct the Argos blood for ~50 Great Honor Leapstones.


i buy it on main, ignore it on alts.

But i want the greater leap stones i can get out of the rewards.

you get leap stones. just do the math.

only main, alt nope.

Yes. I believe between extra mats and dismantling the blood (or even gambling accessories from them) is worth it. Though if you are starved for gold and that is your main priority it is understandble if you do not

yeah i forgot to mention alt

i also have 4 alt in 1370 so… no on alt yes?

You’re missing out on leapstones.

Rule for me: Take only there, where you pushing ilvl.

you get leap stones. just do the math. 2

but it doesnt said how much stone i get

Personally I do it on alts as well. Again depends how much you need the gold now, but in the long run it’s worth it

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im a simple man. when a window pops up i click it.


that’s the spirit!

i do on paladin alt hoping for jackpot acc drop. support acc is daym expensive kekw.

I always do. Leapstones or not, the accessories sometimes hit the jackpot and more often than not there is at least 1-2 that are sellable that would cover the cost of the bonus chest. Just this week, I covered the cost on my main and hit jackpot with one of my alts that gave me 2 peices worth 2k+ each. And the chest is what, 400g ?

It’s pretty much like the big Una chests, lol. Sometimes you get a little bit less than if didn’t clam but most of the time you get more by claiming it, with a tiny chace of big profit.

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you get 9 leapstone with Albion and 6 with Seto.

I only buy it on main since I agree buying 15 stone for like 50g a unit on main but I don’t want to buy leapstone (even at cheap price) with my alts.

On main yes on alts no I do there oreha only for gold.

Yes i do for the greater leapstones from dismantling the materials. And a small chans for good jewlery is a nice bonus :slight_smile:

oreha dungeon material get greather leapstone for dismantle also?