Do you guys do your cube x3?

i have 6 character in tier 3, with each of them have cube ticket 10+ because i never had time to do t hem, so total thats 60 cube ticket or more LOL

i was considering going x3 on entering

but i have pstd on cube trials, because cube trial tier 3 is so hard lol, i awalys die like 50% of a time

do you guys do x3 cube?

Yes, have not seen that bomberman stages for a long time now. Not sure if I’m lucky or they removed the stage.

Got a legendary Grudge engraving book from 3x cube last week.

I do x3 only if I have spare tickets for next week for guild requests.

I don’t have time to do cube 3 times, especially over multiple alts.

Cube is a lot easier in matchmaking …except Trial stages where things go very badly when you have 4 people triggering the bombs everywhere

and also dont do it solo. use matchmaking. 4 times higher chances someone survives the bomb phase :stuck_out_tongue:

i do 3x cube because i just have too many cube tickets and i dont really feel like running it more than once a week per character XD

Yes because I dont have time to run 9 individual cube runs just to possibly get a lucky room.

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I don’t use x3 on my main because I believe I will encounter golden room soon or later and hope it’s flying goblin with additional materials (blessing, solar protection). But I do use x3 on alts that I know I won’t hone them over 1340 for a while.

Only do x3 if you can’t stand doing so many in a row lol.
If you do it x1, there is a bigger chance you will get engraving books, you will hit bonus stages (silver and /or honing protections etc) more times.

That x3 is done for people like you, honestly, that have too many tickets and too little time but that said, if you have the patience, it is better to do them one by one.

yes, always take a time stop in case it gets messy in survive stage.

That stage makes me always bring time stop potion before entering cube… that bomberman stage is literally cancer


Off-topic, you dont floor 30 in cube for achivment? :smiley:

Had one happen to me at stage 2 or 3 and we all died :frowning:
Good idea with the timestop. It sucks to waste a ticket like that.

since the rewards you get from one cube ticket is pretty small in t3 for the amount of time it takes to finish a cube, i just save up my tickets to do it x3.

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I always swap out one of my engraving slots and put in Crisis Evasion x6 just in-case, and yea, of course not forgetting time-stop potions.

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u can avoid cube trial suicide attack with crisis evasion? good to know !

Yea but make sure you have spacebar to get up immediately. Crisis Evasion invulnerability only lasts 3 seconds. It gives you like a second life.

I did it last time and we failed survival challenge at floor 3. Never more i guess :rofl:

You only need 1 to survive and you get to come back alive again?
My Bard hates the cube and i have tonnes of tickets too over 2 characters

Nope. I prefer having more chances of getting solars/books and more combat exp.

I did x1 like 20 times in a row last week trying to get masterpiece #45, still haven’t got it (haven’t even seen the treasure chest room once), will keep doing x1 until I get it.