Do you guys have 21:9 monitor?

I’m just curious if you guys have ultra wide monitor and play on 21:9 settings ?

I don’t have an ultra wide monitor , I was at a friend house today and he too plays Lost Ark and have an ultra wide monitor , I was shocked by how much more he can see on his screen because he plays on 21:9 .

You guys think it’s worth it to get ultra wide monitor for Lost Ark ?

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TBH it does give an advantage in terms of how much more you can see, also, it actually feels much better to play in 21:9 in other games too. I personally bought one and I don’t regret it, but I would only recommend you to get one if you’re financially stable.


Just turn on the 21;9 option in the settings

You can force the 21:9 aspect ratio in the game settings. Pretty necessary to do thanks to, as you noticed, being able to see a ton more.

I actually love the strategic value it adds, but obviously it sucks that it relies on an aspect ratio that fits highly unconventional monitors which can actively hinder you in other games.


I’m actually considering getting one .

honestly it doesn’t feel as good as having an ultra wide monitor, already tried that. Although it does give you the view of a 21:9 but the experience is totally different.

I tried and it looked weird.

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I got 2 black bars when I did that , But yeah I agree it gives a big advantage by how much more screen it shows on 21:9 settings .

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Sadly nothing to be done about those. But it’s more than just showing more of what’s around you, at least in PvP. Because of the way the FoVs are set up for each team, whenever you can see someone at the lateral edge of your screen (in 21:9) they can’t see you while you can see them. Essentially you’re seeing them from the top of their screen where their FoV is more limited. Then the reverse is true with them seeing you at the lateral edge of their screen. This allows you to ambush people despite playing the game in a flat, open circle arena. Mimics a lot of the tactical gameplay that would otherwise be missing in this kind of game in a rather clever way.


You are completely right , It gives a big advantage specially in PvP , I’ll try to ignore the black bars and see if I can get used to it with time , cheers mate .

Using a 48inch C1 and forcing 21:9. OLED blacks make the black bars pretty much invisible to your eyes and the 21:9 aspect ratio screen it creates is a perfect size that I wish more ultrawides will come in. It feels like a 43 inch ultrawide, but you get the full 4k 2160p resolution and locked 120 fps with gsync instead of 1440p or 1600p that ultrawides have (as well as best in class color and HDR). I can never go back to any other way of playing. You can get a C1 for less than most ultrawides now. My ultrawide is now my 2nd monitor ;p


I just ordered the new dell Alienware QD Oled monitor we shall see how that is.

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I have ultra wide monitor as well. I suggest people who are playing on PC to take one. It’s better for every game out there. And you can find some cheap solution.

Bought one this morning actually, cant wait!


i use an Samsung 49 " Monitor and i love it. so much imersion <3

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Rickachu review, made me pull the trigger, of the c1 made me cancel my dell order and am picking up the 48" C1 tomorrow from best buy it was on sale for 999. So will see how it goes.

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I use one, but if you have a giant monitor, forced 21:9 isnt bad either.

Don’t forget though, some larger 21:9 monitors 1440p+ will use up more vram, if you play on a lower end 1060ti or less, you may notice performance dips with a higher resolution monitor.

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It’s totally worth it. I’d never go back to playing 16:9 ratio.

This also looks incredible with other titles that support 21:9.

I’d recommend saving and picking one up :3


Your setup is glorious!

So awesome to see community gaming setups.

I’ve got a photo from my wife and my setup too.


Yes, I do have LG IPS 144hz 21:9 monitor and its one of the purchases I have made.