Do you guys have any MMORPG to recommend?

BDO for sure

yes 1h30 is enough for doing all

Just to add to this. I’m a FF lover since childhood. But god I couldn’t drag myself through the 14story. If you love reading books, it’s beyond fantastic.
But just wasn’t for me. Watched some recaps on yt and skipped the whole thing.

And god did I love the game. I skipped all, boosted char. Was desperate cuz took me 3 days to learn the freaking rota.
Cleared whole savage tier and now taking a break from it. But the game is fantastic, don’t get discouraged from playing it when ppl say “play the story” eventho you aren’t liking it.

The game offers way more and is fantastic.

I can’t stand that song any more though, it should’ve just been story only.
Nothing with lyrics should be used as an area’s music.

Nothing is there sadly. No wonder lost ark was so hype month ago. There is nothing to play.

WoW is long time dead, vanila at release was great and new but now its unplayable.
BDO has no content like dungeons, you can grind several mob groups over and over until you uninstall. I will never understand BDO devs why they think that running circle and one shoting mobs for hours is fun. Why they never add proper dungeons its such as shame.

Wolcen is weird, POE has awful graphics cant stand it. Diablo 3 is fun for 3 days max every season. Diablo 2 is for like month max. Last epoch still doesnt have multiplayer. Grim dawn is getting worse with every expansion its not so bad tho.


The games you listed as ARPGs are hack’n slays, it’s supposed to be mindless grind.
You seem to be no mindless grind lover, so you should not care to try out hack’n slays and many korean mmos. Just an advice to save you the frustration.

Edit: not all korean mmos, but many, especially older ones, are full of mindless grind.

Lost Ark.

FFXI is actually still a lot of fun. And graphically while the texture is dated the design is top notch.

I like it far more than FFXIV.

There is also Tree of Savior, which is pretty good.

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Well I played BDO from relaese on and off all the time, I have 24 alts there and like 2000 hours its good game I even like enchancing there and its my main money maker i make like 500 milions per hour just doing enchancing.

I like arpg and grinders I got burnout through all of them. I just dont see my self doing one thing over and over for half a year. I need change so I make alts.

Lost ark is not grindy at all so far and I have 7 alts so far.

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I don’t think so. I don’t think the expansion will release anywhere soon. Moreover WoW is at a terrible place. The 10.0 is the last chance for them to make something good.

Tree of Savior is dead, sadly :frowning:
Had my 5k hours there, it was fun.

Not Pay2Win, you pay literly money each month to get more contend and loot. Thats not pay 2 win?

Netflix, friends, sports… have plenty of good MMORPG out there.

In all honestly, and I am saying this “from the heart”.

You need to find some closure in your life.

If you have 6 characters in a Korean MMO and you still want more there is something more important than finding a new MMO, you need to find a porpuse in life, take up a hobby, work out, just… stop doing this to yourself…

Seriously, 6 characters and you want more?..

Any games! there are plenty of MMO out there but don’t play games from AGS

FF14 is terrible for me really. The story doesn’t engage me at all, I want to kill some of the characters in it that I am supposed to like. I don’t like the aesthetic – too clean, too ordered, too Japanese in that way. Not a fan at all and I have tried the game like three times.

GW2 has a new expansion which is pretty good. Brings back the old memories of Cantha from GW1. Nothing spectacular but a solid amount of content, class refurbs and new specializations, and neat features scattered in.

LA is now on maintenance mode, just CDs and pile mats and gold while I wait to see what they do on a number of fronts. The time previously spent on LA is being spent in Elden Ring, mostly, with some in GW2 and some in WoW’s latest patch (I still enjoy WoW despite its problems). We will see what happens in LA, but people are dropping like flies in guilds left and right at the moment.

If you have played the game you know its not Pay2Win.

The sub includes content, but you can get all the loot from that content in the marketplace with in-game currency.

People that buy the expansions or pay the sub do it because they enjoy that extra content.

You cant spend money to boost to max level with a higher gear score.

There is a cap in the level, after that all you can do is play to get “Mastery” XP and min max some small %, and get gear sets from X content.

Gearscore ? Because enhancing was never a reliable way to make money unless you buy crons with cash

ahh my lovely BDO, how I miss spending $200 and have a worse weapon than before (pre cron)

NEver spend money on BDO cause of that still manage to get reasonably far