Do you have a QC team?

I’m mostly patient about issues and all that, i understand they happen.

But when it happens every patch, its frustrating.

Even simple things like incorrect expiration dates.

I wanted to save my feiton pass for destroyer, it was saying it would expire 4/28

So i use it.

But can yall give us a lil respect and get a QC team on your patches? Because this is getting ridiculous. Every update there are issues influencing our choices then we get notes about it being fixed.

Well sure, fix away. But you definitely need to communicate better on actual issues and potential fixes.

If i would had known the feiton pass would be corrected to june 28th i wouldnt had used it.

If you guys dont work on it, youre gonna kill off the players. I’m a resilient gamer but its even starting to bug me.

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Yea, after a 5 hour maintenance they seen to have not changed anything, Event shop is the same.

See thats the shit im talkin about.
Every time