Do you have an artilerist in your team?

His main dmg dealer comes from a combo of Gatling Gun (ratatatatat) into Swing (parkour elbow stun) into Bomb (rain KAPOW).
If his Swing connects do not knockback his stunned opponent away from the origin point of the stun. Chances are that he will follow up with a Bomb(s) on that point. If you knockback them by a lot his bomb will miss and you’ll have fucked up his combo.
Also, artilerist does not have a lot of mobility or engaging mechanics, he is terrible at chasing or running away. Play around him and ,whenever it’s up, his Heavy Turret (Megatron sound laser cannon).
Unless of course you want to blame him at the end of your lost match for how his low damage was the perpatrator.


Arti is a PvP meme class designed around old man hand-eye coordination

I love having Arti in team. As WD I make them almost unkillable.
Not only it is pretty slow class so he wont 3x blink away from me so i wont be able to peel, He also setups my combo and my combo setups well into arti.

1 of the best class to have in team.

and VS, hmm I started running freezing on phoenix dive mainly to punish artis :slight_smile:

Yes. And I love it