Do you like playing the towers?

I personally hate them. And i see them as just stuff that i must bear through for the rewards. Im not excited or having fun playing them, at all.

I find this way of doing game design GARBAGE. The " blinds you, restricts your camera, silences you,stuns you for an extensive amount of time out of NOWHERE, now deal with it" really infuriating

Like if i get hit by a boss attack and then my FOV reduces as an effect thats fine.

Dont get me wrong, i enjoy difficulty, i finished the dark souls games and sekiro. But i think this is wrong way to design difficulty

To just blind the player and make a challenge for them BY REMOVING options instead of ADDING difficulty/options i think its straight up bad design, and its most commonly seen in the towers, i didnt find this too prevalent outside them, thats why im attack the towers only.

Im only rolling my eyes when i get one shotted by a gimmick and i must do it again or even worse google some of them ( there are actual keywords on youtube for some rooms that people struggle with) which i think its an even greater offense.

Dont frustrate the player with bad design so they require a guide/outside sourcing, but make learning and the challenge intuitive after a few runs.

Dont take away from the player, but add difficulty and options.

This ( subjectively bad) design is somewhat present throughout the game but most visible within the towers.


As i said in another topics, it’s torture for support classes and rewards are trash for such difficult


well i did them mostly outgeared … and it was ok for the first char… But the ones i tried in the same tier for mats where quite hard ;/
Didn’t liked the challange there …

Super disagree with you.

Each tower, on a second run through, gives you enough mats to push at least 100 ilvl on a character

Challanging content is fun content.
Did’em close to the min ilvl and i had an enjoyable experience dieing on missplays ~

All the handmade gimick floors are great to figure out and play against.
I’m glad it wasn’t all ‘here are 30 samey mobs, hope the ai makes it difficult for you’.

Lore and story progression was also neat :3

One of my favorite content in the game. I enjoy coming in with alts and experiencing the difference of each class in doing each of the levels and getting good amount of loot. Except Bard. Not going back with Bard, ever.

Personally I usually love the solo tower type of activities. But I’m also one of 5 people who liked Torghast in WoW.

There’s a special place in hell for people like you… but sadly you like it because it’s called Torghast.

Damn masochists!!!

Shadespire, the 1st tower wasn’t as bad, mostly tedious except for i think floor 48.
Fatespire is just cancer.

First one was okay, did it on 4 alts up to level 40, cba to suffer more of that as the last few levels are really toxic. Cant do them on my bard, i don’t want to kill myself yet. the second one, did a few levels on some t2 alts but hell no. Didnt even finish it on my main after spending a whole floor feared 0-24. Not planningto reenter it ever again. If my alts take weeks longer to farm the shards, im fine with it.
At some points i thought challenging means annoying in korean. Double checked tho, its not, but thats the right word for most of the tower, not challenging just annoying.
edit: Rather do choreghast on 10 characters than do towers ever again.

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Completed both towers on Gunlancer, Sorceress, and Berserker. It really made me a much better player, the mechanics I learned and the adaptations I had to make to my playstyle are something I’ve carried well into T3. It’s a fantastic tutorial to the rest of the game for sure!

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The only content in the game which actually requires skill and quick thinking.

Well the good news is future tower content will let you skip floors and gain all the rewards from floors past so there is that

They’re fun. Once. They kind of remind me of the masked carnivale in FFXIV in spirit, though not quite as inventive as that.

The problem is having to run them on every character because I need honing mats and am locked out of everything else.

apart from being cancerous with bard it’s just tedious and wholly interesting

bring the right items easy clear each floor unless you die to one of the dumb gimmicks because haha surprise the game is funny

It’s a love-hate relationship. :slight_smile: Overall, it’s a great challenge with nice rewards! I can’t wait for the T3 version of the tower. I miss it!

I think they are fine, something else to do on downtime BUT I do agree that they are a total pain with supports. Did them with paladin and dreading doing it with my bard.

Totally agree. I think the concept of the tower itself is cool, but yeah some of the challenge designs are just complete dogshit.

I almost beat the T1 Shadespire today and the game forced me to stop at Floor 48 by making me unable to use any of my skills. WTF.

Then I found out you have to do some timed Panacea gimmick to progress? Get the fuck outta here. Designs like this need to be removed from the game. It’s just horrendous.

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Cleared both towers, as PLD and now clearing with alts, and having no problem other than some survive stages feel like RNG fests :stuck_out_tongue:

Survive stages can sit on a cactus. I have a deal with my boyfriend so he will do them for my alts as I don’t have the patience.

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