Do you play games without thinking?

In this game probably yes. But in LoL for example chinese and koreans are a lot better then NA/EU. EUW diamond 4 is like korean gold 3. Counter Strike as well. Korean kids and young people are actually with so much better mentality then the west one, even if their everyday life is more intense with a lot more stress.

Is your IQ above 150? I think you are very smart.

lost braincells trying to understand what you are trying to say

Why do global people deny their skills? Just look at the valtan party right now and you’ll find the answer. Why not get orb and only use wei? orb x 30 wei x15 Just looking at this party title indicates the level of the global server. you are in denial Know your skills and think about learning. Don’t try to deny it, start thinking about learning.

i said “is this no exp party ?” I asked. However, people on the global server reply that it is toxic. why ? Aren’t you guys the problem? Why wasted my time? Isn’t your attitude a problem? Think again. You are very proud of yourself and you are very individualistic. He doesn’t seem to feel sorry for hurting others. I thought a lot while playing on a global server for several months. A troll is normal, and it is wrong for me to criticize the troll. This is how you play the game, and this will be the culture. Respect your troll and game skills level.

driver ? A driver who fails to drive? Most influential server ? It’s a very funny story. The kadan server is the same. Just don’t deny that the level of global servers is low. I played the Korean server and also the Russian server. But the global server is in a serious. There are many cheaper. And there are a lot of trolls. No, it may not be a troll. They’ll just be stupid people. What kind of driver is the driver who fails to drive? Please let go of your pride and pride and acknowledge your level.

Salty NA players. they hate beeing behing eu :joy:

Let him being whatever he wants.
I’m just happy with what i have, and until now i got no problems to clear everything with 5 chars in two days.

In the end :

what do you expect from them? gaming is their life, ATK is also a huge prick banning people for calling him out
when akkan was released and his main wasent ready for hard mode he made a cryin stream - kept saying he is “not mad” and when asked in chat if he is mad he insta banned that guy, absolute prick



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