Do you remember?

When I was little I loved mobile games, inside of me I thought “If I had money I would pay anything to be the best in this game”; I grew up, got a job and came back to this game, I bought everything in the store (it wasn’t a big name game and the cost of buying everything in the store was no more than $10); and with everything to the maximum I started playing, I had fun for a while and I left it.
I was really excited to play, and I thought having the best gear and the best power-ups would make me even more excited, but it wasn’t.
What I am going to say right now is going to sound childish, but I had more fun in the process of collecting, seeing how little by little I improved, getting excited because every time I faced the final boss I knew that I was one less attempt away from achieving it and that i just had to do better next time.
I don’t understand what people who have everything to the max could win; the game will always be there, but there will come a point where the updates will stop and the people who spent all their money to reach the end of the finish line will realize that they only came first and there is only one finish line.
The games are not like before, but it is because the gamers are not like before.


Thanks mate. I get it

Amazing story

It takes a mature mind to understand this. Same when I was a kid, even as a teenager, I’d pay my way to indulge in power ups and accelerated gameplay. Now I have the finance to swipe a lot more but I don’t because I have understood it just kills my entertainment of progression. Good on you!